Top 5 Modern Entertainment Forms Trending in India

You will probably seek entertainment after completing your daily duties. Who would not want to escape the monotony of repetitive chores? Unlike your tasks, entertainment captivates, soothes, and establishes an emotional connection. As an Indian, you have no shortage of entertainment forms, but below are some modern trending entertainment forms you will find in India. 

Advantages of entertainment

Before we get into trending entertainment forms in India, here are some of the benefits you might get from entertainment:

  • Improves mental health
  • Provides employment opportunities
  • Can be educational 
  • Helps appreciate cultures

Entertainment forms trending in India

India has so many interesting natural features, exotic wildlife, and creative people; it is no surprise that it has an abundance of entertainment options including: 

  1. Streaming movies

The US has Hollywood, Bollywood is India’s gift to the world. Here is a fun fact: The Indian film industry produces the most number of movies globally. It does not end there; Bollywood accounts for the most movie tickets sold in the world. 

The trending form is streaming movies. Although still in its infancy, India is the fastest-growing over-the-top streaming market, according to PWC. They also expect the market to hit $3 billion in 2024.

  1. Online casinos

With the explosive internet growth, online businesses have prospered. One industry that has massively benefitted from the internet explosion is gambling. Online casinos do not face the same legal restrictions as traditional land-based casinos, with the industry flourishing as a result. Industry experts estimate the industry at about $5 billion. Follow this link for more information about online casinos. Keep in mind online gambling and casino is to be taken very seriously. 

Online casinos have struck a chord with players because they provide a wide variety of excellent games, such as:

  • Roulette
  • Card games
  • Poker
  • Dice games

Popular traditional online casino games that are familiar to Indians include: 

  • Mahabharata
  • Indian Rummy
  • Teen Patti
  • Jhandi Munda
  1. Online gaming

According to Statista, India has 350 million online gamers in 2020. The recent development has seen an explosion in online gaming, with India registering a 165% growth in online game downloads, the highest in the world. 

As a KPMG study found, your average Indian gamer loves playing games because of its ease of access and convenience. The games also have chat rooms that are great for social interaction. The game types most Indians prefer are:

  • Adventure
  • Puzzle
  • Action 

KPMG believes the market will be worth $1 billion in 2021, up from 290 million in 2016.

Some of the favourite game titles are:

  • PUBG
  • FIFA 20
  • Call of Duty
  • DOTA 2
  • Counter-Strike
  1. Dancing

Indians love dancing because it is at the very heart of their culture. You see Indians dance after about every 10 minutes in movies. With the discovery of an ancient sculpture of a girl dancing dating back to 2500 BCE, dance has been with Indians for a long time, 

Its modern form has seen a significant revival thanks to social media, YouTube, and dance-centric video apps. India currently has 119 million active users on TikTok, the app with a heavy bias towards dancing. There were 323 million TikTok Indian app installs in 2019, the highest in the world.

As of August 2020, 65 Indian music dance videos had more than 500 million views on YouTube.

  1. Twenty20 cricket 

You may have been a bit worried there, but there is no way we would have forgotten India’s national sport and its most-watched sport! We are not here for the traditional 50-overs game, but its trending younger sister, Twenty20 (T20) cricket. 

It is easy to see the allure of T20; the game ends within a few minutes, has an element of luck, and has plenty of twists and turns. No wonder the UAE could not resist hosting the opening match of the 2020 T20 IPL that drew in a record 200 million viewers. 

The sport has proven so popular that one of its broadcast partners, Star India, paid $2 billion to broadcast its matches until 2022.


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