Technology has been the fastest-growing man-made innovation since the second industrial revolutions. Since then, the world has seen an ever-growing increase in the number of engineers and scientists. The production of engineers who still strive in the development of technology is done only when the college/university that they practice in is really good. In India, there are lakhs of engineers that graduate every year, but only some of them do exceptionally well. This happens if the college is unsuccessful in inculcating these skills and values in their candidates. But there are also colleges that have extraordinary faculty and facilities that drive their students into learning and research in technology and its development. 

One of the few colleges in India that does this is SRM University, located in the city of Chennai. This university has top of the line infrastructure that motivates students to learn and improve themselves in their respective fields. The faculty here are determined to help students to understand and improve their knowledge in the respective topics. Education is all about creating an environment for academic freedom where bright minds meet, discover and learn. This is one of the values that the university works by. 

The development of technology is nothing but the creation and implementation of various ideas by testing and prototyping. But with the number of engineers increasing every year, the competition to arrive at these ideas is getting higher. One way to get ahead in this competition is by securing a seat in a good university with good facilities by writing entrance exams such as JEE, AIEEE, SRMJEEE, etc. 

For an innovative mind with respect to technology, there is a need for facilities that help develop that mind. In other words, the facilities provided by a college such as laboratories, study material, access to technological journals, etc. is very important. Without these facilities, a student will only have theoretical knowledge and no practical knowledge. This will hinder the student’s opportunities to excel in the field of technology he/she has practiced in. 

Technological Advancements in India

In the last few years, the technological advancements in India have increased exponentially! This is one of the largest breakthroughs in the technology of any nation in history. With the creation of Aadhar to the Unified Payment Interface(UPI), India is booming in the technological industry. With every innovative advancement in technology, comes a whole lot of job opportunities for engineers all over the country. 


The development of UPI will shift the country into digital currency which marks a technologically developed nation. The implementation of Aadhar has made the lives of all citizens simpler as all the information about them can be accessed with a simple fingerprint scan. This has marked the development of one of the largest digital infrastructures in the world. 

At present, India holds a strong position in terms of technological advancements and also serves as a knowledge warehouse with its many institutions concerned with the development of science and technology. These institutions come with trained and qualified manpower i.e; engineers who graduate from the many universities in India. 

Most of the top universities in India are concerned with the development of technology and provide engineers in their institutions with facilities to research and develop in given fields of technology such as mechanical, aeronautical, aerospace, chemical, computer science, etc. These universities are important assets to the nation as they send out lakhs of qualified engineers with practical experience in their respective fields of work/study. Some of these universities concerned with technological development are the various IITs, IISc’s, BIT, Symbiosis International University, SRM University (SRMIST), etc. 

Universities taking part in technological advancement have top of the line infrastructure and laboratories with exceptional equipment. These universities have dedicated research departments on their campuses where students and scientists and engineers affiliated with the respective university can interact and innovate. The opportunities are immense and so is the competition to get into these universities. So, to balance the scales of the competition these universities and the government of India conduct entrance exams every year for students to take part in. This also allows the universities to provide exceptional students with scholarships so as to facilitate them to register to that particular university. 

Some entrance exams that provide the possibility of scholarships are JEE, NTSE, AISEE, SRMJEEE, etc.

The technological sector in India is exploding and new opportunities are arising, and only the best engineers will be able to take advantage of these opportunities. Thus, it is important to know about the top universities in India and the exams concerning the registration into these universities. 



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