In a very surprising video, an Orangutan cleans enclosure, washes her hand with soap and water. Orangutans are considered to be one of the most intelligent species living on Earth. This Orangutan named Sandra showed us Sanitization goals. 

Maintaining hygiene became our top most priority during the pandemic. However, not only humans but animal kingdom seemed to have taken a lesson of maintaining a hygienic lifestyle.

The video was shared by a twitter handle ‘Nature Is Lit”. It is a mere 23 seconds video that took twitter by storms. The twiitteraties loved the video and it garned the most viral views.

Let’s see how twitter reacted to Sandra:

According to the caption on the video Sandra copied the activities of the zookeepers very intelligently. This took everyone by surprise. She is seen holding a  brush in her hands and a bucket filled with soap mixed water. She first cleans the belongings and then washes her hands with the soap water too. She also cleaned her enclosure.

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