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Quick Facts on Sex Addiction

It is common among those with Bipolar Disorder to engage in high-risk sexual activities during manic states.

People with Borderline Personality Disorder engage in unsafe sexual activities as a general pattern of self-injurious behavior.
Often those with severe identity confusion regarding their own sexual orientation engage in compulsive sexual behavior.

People with sexual disorders like exhibitionism, pedophilia and severe fetishes require much more than sex addiction treatment since their behavior victimizes others. Not all are sex addicts; some are antisocial personalities.

Victims of childhood sexual abuse often repeat pattern of abuse in a subconscious attempt to gain control over their childhood trauma. People in this category generally suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder.

Adolescents and young adults who are intellectually delayed can develop a pattern of compulsive sexual behavior, as a result of not having developed an accurate understanding of healthy sexuality. People with Asperger’s Syndrome may be at greater risk of exhibiting out-of-control sexual behaviors.

Substance abusers frequently develop sexually addictive behavior in one of two ways. Either the problem develops while they are abusing stimulants, or when they quit using drugs, sexual addiction develops as a sort of substitute addiction.

Those with Dependent Personality Disorder, or love addiction, can become sexually addicted as well. Love addicts use sex to get love and can base their entire identity on the relationship, thus becoming totally dependent on that person.

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