Here is a interesting website campaign from KRDS India based on one of the hot topics which has gripped the entire nation – Kiss of Love.


What is this campaign all about?
While the revolution of ‘Kiss of Love’ has gripped the entire country, this kiss marathon has also created waves on the digital front. The recent censoring in the name of moral policing in India has received nationwide criticism for its regressive thoughts. Both the sides have their respective points and we at KRDS India thought to give everyone a platform to voice their opinions.

How does it work?
KRDS India has initiated #KissOrMiss campaign on Twitter to know the public’s take on the democratic revolution of love. If the social movement is for the people then the people must decide for it. Opinions will be recorded through tweets with designated #YoKiss and #NoKiss tags either for or against the cause. People will be rewarded as per the best and quirkiest response.

Social Media today provides a platform for a country to voice its opinions which is a phenomenon across the globe. And hence an initiative as such by us.

So let democracy prevail and participate in #KissOrMiss today.

Check Out the Website here –


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