Aircon Dos and Don’ts for a Cool Summer

Aircon units are typically used throughout the heat of the summer months, but they generally provide comfort in warm locations all year round. Keep your air conditioning system in tip-top shape with these dos and don’ts for the upkeep of your unit:


  • DO clean your aircon unit every two weeks.

Your air conditioner may not look like it, but the unit needs cleaning every now and then. Depending on how often you use your air conditioner, the air filter will need to be washed, and the exterior should be wiped clean. We recommend a standard cleaning schedule every two weeks for optimal maintenance.

  • DO regulate the temperature on the thermostat.

Regulate the temperature you set on the thermostat, and avoid frequent temperature changes to prevent the thermostat from malfunctioning. Set the temperature to 25 and above for a comfortable room temperature, and avoid setting to the lowest temperature as this makes your air conditioner work harder.

  • DO check for issues and have these fixed immediately.

Constantly check for issues on your aircon unit whenever you use it, as problems may arise in the internal mechanisms of the air conditioning unit. Check for a rattling noise, temperature problems, or water leaks, which may connote an aircon condensation problem.

If you feel or hear something off with your aircon unit, best to call on a professional HVAC technician to diagnose the problem, and fix any issues that your unit may have.

  • DO top off refrigerant levels when needed.

At some point throughout your usage of your air conditioner, you will need to have a gas top off to refill the refrigerant levels. The refrigerant is what cools the airflow, providing you with that cold gust of wind. A professional technician will be able to check on refrigerant levels during general servicing.

If you notice that the refrigerant levels need frequent refills, you may have a leak within your air conditioning unit. Go to a HVAC technician to diagnose and fix the leak to prevent your unit from breaking down faster. With this, if you’re looking for reliable HVAC services, especially heating services near me, our expert team is here to ensure your indoor comfort, regardless of the weather outside.

  • DO find a trusted service company for yearly maintenance.

Looking for a HVAC technician can be difficult, especially since you’re letting strangers into your home, particularly in your private rooms. Find a reputable company that has trusted service crews who can clean, repair, and maintain your aircon unit. Scout around your area, and check firsthand reviews to find the best aircon company.


  • DON’T attempt to fix an air conditioner yourself.

As much as it is tempting to save up on professional fees by diagnosing and attempting to fix any aircon issues in your unit yourself, going the DIY route isn’t the best idea when it comes to air conditioners. Inexperienced repairs can lead to further damage, and can be dangerous if you misdiagnose an electrical problem. Best to leave it to the trained professionals.

  • DON’T tamper with the power source or electrical wiring.

All air conditioners are powered by electricity, and tampering with electric devices is never a good thing. Don’t attempt to make any fixes to the power source, and attempting to rewire the cables in your air conditioning system, for any reason, may lead to electrocution. 

  • DON’T open up the air conditioner for cleaning.

The most you can clean yourself when it comes to your air conditioner should be the exterior and the air filter. Any internal mechanisms should be left alone, as these are particularly sensitive parts that require professional maintenance. 

If your aircon unit is due for a cleaning, go for professional cleaning instead of doing it yourself. In the long-run, you’ll save more as cleaning can extend the life of your unit, and you don’t run the risk of damaging the internal components of your air conditioner.

  • DON’T forgo professional maintenance.

Overall, don’t forgo professional services for your air conditioning system. While in the short-run, you may find professional fees to be expensive, you’ll only need to have your aircon unit serviced once every six months, or annually, if your unit is not regularly used. 

Professional maintenance will save you the costs of frequently buying a new unit each time the old one breaks down, and prevents damages from getting too severe. Technicians can also diagnose problems that may be otherwise dangerous to you and your family, like a gas leak, exposed wiring, and mechanical overheating.

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