The casino industry began long before the creation of mobile casino apps.

The online casino industry began in Venice, where the first legal casino was opened in the 17th century.

Such a casino had its assortment of games with limited possibilities, but that didn’t stop the casino from gaining popularity and gaining legitimacy.

Casinos flourished in their offline form until the popularization of the internet.

Many industries began to become accustomed to the Internet and actively advertise or partially transfer their projects to the Internet space.

The casino is no exception, and as it is much more convenient for people to play their favourite games at home the comfort and convenience of the casino started to develop online.

Gradually, when smartphones started to become popular, the casino decided to move to this market as well, thus starting to create their own applications and transfer their functionality to them.

Because of the popularity of online casino applications, more and more new ones appeared and the problem of choice became crucial for each new user.

We tried to facilitate the choice of online casino applications for users through 3 simple steps.

How to Choose an Online Casino App

For new users, it can be quite difficult to choose an online casino application and in order to facilitate your choice, we will offer you a simple 3-step methodology.

Step One: Pick the Aspects You Want in Your Ideal Mobile App

In order to determine what you want to see in your app answer a couple of simple questions:

What games do I want to play in the app?

Try to choose the type of games you are most interested in, maybe even a few game modes at a time.

Try to choose the most interesting for you by the method of elimination, if you are able to do it try to choose also what type of modes you are more interested in your favourite category of games.

For example, if it is slots what kinds of slots you would like to see, if it is games with a live dealer then try to determine whether card games or games with a wheel are interesting for you.

How much time will I devote to the application?

Depending on your game frequency you will be able to determine which type of bonuses would suit you best for playing casino games through a mobile app:

  • If you only want to try out the functionality of the app then the welcome bonus is perfect for you.
  • If you are going to play often, the loyalty program is just right for you.
  • If you are going to play only one specific model, the bonuses aimed at such a mode will be the best option.

If you were able to answer these questions, you will have some idea of the app, and based on that idea, you can go in search of an online casino.

Step Two: Checking Up on Reviews

The best way to find a great app is through reviews, you will be able to find out which popular online casino apps are the best.

Read the reviews and try to choose based on your own preferences that seemed to be the most similar.

There may be several such applications. In this case, you will be able to choose the best one at the last step.

Step Three: Try the App

Try to download the applications that appealed to you most and look for all the aspects you are interested in.

In some applications, you can even try out the functionality for free.

If after your self-study you liked everything you can start to fully enjoy the application.

How to Download a Mobile App

When we want to try any mobile application before new users a question arises – how to download a mobile application.

The decision of this question is very important because unawareness can make a lot of mistakes that can severely damage the first impression.

To begin with, it should be noted that almost all online casino applications are downloaded through the official website.

This may be due to various reasons such as:

  • Scammers who can both download along with the application viruses on your device and false rogue copy;
  • Inability to download applications through the play market. Due to Google’s policy, gambling-related applications can not be downloaded from the play market;
  • The convenience of downloading applications from the official site is also an important fact because you do not have to look for long applications on the Internet, in some cases, you can even find instructions for downloading on the official site.

The instruction itself is almost the same for all the applications:

  1. First, find the section on the official site devoted to applications.
  2. In this section choose to download the application with the choice of your operating system
  3. For devices with the operating system iOS, you will either be transferred to the page in the App Store or immediately installed on your device, for devices with the operating system Android will download a special apk file that you need to install by going to the download.

After the above steps, you can register and start using your mobile application

Rules Online Casino Applications

Almost all online casinos have the same rules in their mobile applications such as the ability to use from 18 years and so on.

But there are rules for installing a mobile app that needs to be followed for a variety of reasons.

Examples of such rules are:

  • Matching the specifications of your gadget with the minimum specifications for installation. If your gadget has too weak characteristics then the application may not work properly or not run at all.
  • Permission to download from unknown sources. Gadgets with any operating system may download a special installer that you can not open to install applications if you have not allowed in the settings of your device installation from unknown sources.
  • The presence of an Internet connection. Any online casino requires a minimum Internet connection, as to download any game, so the process itself needs an Internet connection, but for games with live dealers, you need a good connection as opposed to the slots.

Support Services

When using any extensive service, there may be various kinds of problems and in order to avoid such troubles, special technical support service is created.

In mobile applications, online casino support service often has its own section and in almost all applications you can contact support using the most known methods.

The most well-known methods are:

  • 24-hour hotline.
  • In the relevant section will be a special number where you can call and describe your problem, the specialist with whom you will communicate over the phone will help solve your problem or answer all your questions.
  • Chat in the application
  • Users will always be given an opportunity to start a correspondence with the support service in a special chat room where a specialist will ask you all the necessary information for the solution of the problem.
  • Also, each application will contain an e-mail address where you can send a letter with your problem.
  • In this letter, you need to accurately and completely describe your problem so that the specialist can immediately solve it without finding out any additional information by sending you an e-mail.


What Is the Loyalty Program?

A loyalty program is a kind of club that each interested user can join, the loyalty program has its own division of levels and with an increase of your level reward. Often the higher your level the greater the reward will be. Increasing the level will be in accordance with the bets you make.

Can I Use the Same Account in the Mobile App and on the Official Website?

Yes, all users use the same account not only for convenience, the main reason is that almost all online casinos do not allow multiple accounts.

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