For any woman around the world, having long eyelashes is something that they always want. Therefore, They invest in mascaras that help them to achieve that purpose. 

However, for a woman named You Jianxia, these woes just do not exist! Hailing from China, she has broken her own record of having the world’s longest eyelashes. They are so long that she will be able to braid a needle-like thin braid that might look pretty interesting.

“I first realized that my eyelashes were growing in 2015. They continue to grow slowly, becoming longer and longer,” Jianxia told Guinness World Records. “I did visit medical professionals to find out why my eyelashes are longer than others people’s eyelashes. The doctor couldn’t explain this, and he felt it was really amazing.”

“I also tried to find scientific reasons such as genes or something else. However, none of my family have long eyelashes like me, so it can’t be explained,” she said.

Jianxia’s longest lash, located on the upper eyelid of her left eye, was officially measured at 8 inches, setting a new record.

A video was shared on Guinness World Record where she is seen flaunting her eyelashes that look really great on her. Reiterating once again, they are not extensions! Take a look. 

Shared on June 10, the video went viral on every social media platform. Netizens were in awe of her. “Imagine someone pulling them ouchhh,” one user said. Another one wished that she could braid them.

Amazingly, Jianxia divulged that her lashes do not cause any difficulties in her day to day life. “Because my eyelashes are natural, I find it easy washing my face and going about my daily life. My eyelashes don’t bring any concerns or difficulties, just lots of joy.” 

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