Vazhakku Enn 18/9 – Tamil full movie

Plot: The story is narrated through flashbacks. Velu (Sri), a teenager, works in a roadside shop. He meets Jyothi (Urmila Mahanta), who is a maidservant at a few of the nearby apartments. Velu falls in love with Jyothi. Aarthy (Manisha Yadav) lives in one of the apartment buildings. Dinesh (Mithun Murali) is a student who resides in the same building. Dinesh is a spoilt brat. As luck would have it, Aarthy falls for him without knowing his true intentions. Dinesh too is attracted to Aarthy. He seizes the opportunity and shoots video clips of her private moments on his mobile phone and even circulates them among his friends via MMS. When Aarthy finds out, she is aghast and threatens to approach the police. An angry Dinesh tries to murder Aarthy, but Jyothi intervenes accidentally and saves her. She sustains serious injuries in the process. The movie picks up speed as the corrupt Police Inspector Kumaravel (Muthuraman) begins investigations. Kumaravel negotaites with Dinesh’s mother, who is a school correspondent but refuses to later due to her stubborn character and completes the investigation with Dinesh as the culprit of the murder attempt. But Dinesh’s mother approaches a minister with whom she has an affair with and he intervenes with Kumaravel for a negotiation between them. They agree on for an amount of ten lakh rupees. Kumaravel then talks with Velu to stand in the shoes of Dhinesh, if he wants to cure Jothi. Velu accepts and is sentenced for several years in prison. Kumaravel with the money he got completes the construction of his house and gives nothing to Jothi. Later it is informed to Jothi that Velu did not commit the crime and is falsely accused in order that she must be cured. She realises that Kumaravel has cheated her and Velu, she gets to the court and throws acid on Kumaravel. Jothi is arrested and as enquiries run course the judiciary finds Velu as innocent and releases him. Dinesh is arrested and Jothi is sentenced for years in prison. In the final scene Velu meets Jothi in prison and proposes his love and tells he will be waiting for her and leaves the cell as the door closes with the disfigured face of Jothi is shown on screen.


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