Famous Celebs Who Remind Us They’re Only Human

In Hollywood, image is everything. It wasn’t until only recently that the entertainment business started to be more open when it comes to casting a variety of different people. Before that, they would usually use makeup, body suits, wigs, etc. to make some of the hottest actors look like they let themselves go.

But there is still a stigma that celebrities have to look fabulous all the time. Well, there are some celebrities who go through a cycle when it comes to their looks. If you think about it, we average people go through a similar cycle.

For females, that cycle may include gaining weight from having a baby. For men, perhaps you’re finding yourself at work more often than the gym, so you start to lose those rock hard muscles you had in college. It’s only natural for celebrities to deal with changes.

However, the media isn’t quite as flexible or gracious. Because the public, meaning us, is so obsessed with celebrities and how they’re perfect, we’re like ravenous wolves to raw meat when we find out a celeb might have gained a few pounds.

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