Bakcen George, Allwyn Joseph and Ratish Bhalerao decided to give a whole new meaning to Work-From-Home with their month-long cycling trip in the midst of the pandemic.

To be more specific, there’s a trio of friends who have been working from their cycles.They cycled all the way from Mumbai to Kanyakumari while not missing office.

The Covid-19 crisis also dampened plans of many as using public transport is discouraged during the pandemic and going outside also has its risks

It was the idea of 31-year-old Bakcen who first thought of it in November. Although initially, he was the only one who was enthusiastic about the trip, a couple of days before the trip, his friends Allwyn and Ratish also decided to tag along.

This became Bakcen’s third long-distance trip as the trio covered more than 1,687 kilometres of distance between the two states in around one month. Even during the journey, the men stopped at local roadside eateries and used makeshift workstations to continue their work.

Speaking about the trip, Bakcen said that although it was challenging, the trip was worth it. He added that cycling is liberating and exhilarating and doesn’t feel like a chore.

Quoting Bakcen, the report says that the gadgets which the friends were carrying were a problem as they added weight to the cycle.

Explaining how they managed to complete the trip, Joseph said, “Our only goal was to reach the destination. The idea was to take one day at a time. We would typically start as early as 4am and try our best to reach a commonly agreed destination by 11am to start our work.”

The 37-year-old professional said that they clocked 80 kms daily, on an average, with longer rides over the weekends. Adding that it was a little taxing in the initial couple of days, he said they soon managed to familiarise themselves with the routine.

Although their schedule did not allow them to explore everything around them as normal tourists do, they said that it was non-touristy stuff that captured their attention and make the journey memorable.

The budget-travellers said that they spent around Rs 25,000 each for the journey, with most of it going towards lodging, which involved staying at hotels for over 26 days.

Although the trip was tedious, the group said it was rewarding and enriching as well. They said that with a proper mindset and even basic bicycles, a similar feat could be accomplished by anyone willing to embark on such a journey.

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