Every year we see , more and more and more music events emerging. This means that the music festival market is on the rise, and thus, thus competitive. Posters which are carefully created with a lot of insight will certainly create make a big difference in the sales of tickets, while and at the same time help set the festival mood. You can hype your music festival events by the use of posters. The poster should be designed with the sole purpose of capturing the attention of the target audience. Different festivals come with unique concepts. Therefore, coming designing-up with a perfect poster for a music event requires great creativity. If you still got have no idea of how to create or come up with one, you can hire an illustrator from iIlustra illustrator agency. So, if you want to host a music event of your own, the following 10 tips can help you design come up with the perfect poster.

1.Choose the an appropriate colour which is appropriate

The attention your poster will draw will entirely depend on the colour theme you go with. Remember colours will are the ones which create-set the mood for the event. They should thus be carefully thought out and be appropriate for the festival. If you examine some of the greatest music festivals, you can clearly see the colour they choose depicts a specific mood.


It is true that it is can be hard to know where you will begin when within creating a poster design. In most cases, the posters are planted in places where people can have get a quick look on at them. It is crucial to have make the layout as your priority, be it a text or image. The fonts that will be used will tell a lot about the event. You can at least use two fonts, one for the headline and another for the body.

3. Hierarchy

Make sure that the poster can is able to be read with ease. Information displayed should be ranked with by the order of importance, with the most important one being on the top or having bolder fonts. If you are having a lot of much information to include that you want to be captured fully in the poster, then your typing will be your guide. Divide the information into smaller groups, allocating fonts for each.

4.Less is more

You should always ensure that your poster is not overloaded with a lot of unnecessary words or illustrations. Remember, most people do not have a lot of time in reading the whole poster. Keep your poster simple but also, do not leave out important details for the sake of keeping it short.

5.Balance the composition

Once you have reached a event that you have made decisions on the final images or illustrations to be included displayed in your poster, piece them together such in a way that they appear like a mosaic. The decisions poster setup will make you determine if your poster is will not only be read, and more importantly, but understood also. Special attention should focus on how graphics will work with words.

6.Illustration or photo?

Music festival posters usually are created based on the following camps of design. They may either include ; it can be an illustration or a photographic focus. Depending on the genre of the music, both can be used quite well. you can go with either of them. Traditionally-in most cases, photos do well with pop and rock, while illustrations work well with jazz and food festivals.

7.Use 3D layering to create an immersive experience

The immersive potential of the poster will not only be created by colour, as well as but also the application of layering with 3D. The 3D effects will make your viewers be absolutely absorbed in the poster design. Think of the elements that will be situated in the background and the foreground of your poster. For instance, a singer can be placed in the background and with the headline in the front.

8.Do not forget texture and light

The graphics types and color you choose will surely determine the success of your poster. However, but the little extra details you add will make your poster have a great appearance. You can use texture overlays to include vintage textures in your poster design succinctly. Light effects also create an element of beauty in the poster, thus making it more attractive.

9.Look at to the past for inspiration

Everybody seems to know a person who attended great events in the past. You can channel vintage some nice vibes from the past music festivals into your own design by simply having a look at the old styles used for some inspiration. Posters designed with a muse id of inspiration from the past will suit a lot of events.

10.Design for your audience

When creating a poster, always keep those you intend to target at the back of your mind you know who it is meant for. People of different age groups have different tastes, and therefore, you should learn and know what captures their attention easily. Ensure the design matches their likes and habits.

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