Tips to Consider When Designing Personalized Running Shirts

Running is an effective way of staying physically active and fit. Over the years, organizations and businesses have staged running events to raise funds and awareness for different causes. During the events, sponsors donate personalized running shirts and other gear to market or promote their business.

Custom-branded items are a creative way of marketing your brand while creating a bond with your customers. Most custom-branded gear features the brand’s logo, slogan, and colors. The promotional products can be anything from keyrings to t-shirts and caps.

In this guide are handy tips to consider when designing personalized running shirts.

Look For a Good Manufacturer

You will need a manufacturer, especially if you are mass-producing the shirts for an upcoming charity walk or marathon. Read reviews from past clients and pay attention to what they say about delivery times, quality, and communication support.

Some companies have a team of in-house designers to help clients curate or fine-tune their designs which is a plus.

Also, visit the manufacturer’s website and social media handles to see some of their previous works. If you are searching for the best clothing company for running or cycling events, we recommend checking out The Charity Clothing Company.

Develop a Design

The next step is to create a design of how you want the running shirts to look. Your goal here is to stand out using vibrant and bold designs. Also, choose colors that complement your brand and the day’s event.

When creating a design, you can get ideas from existing running shirts on the market. Better yet, you can hire a designer to help bring your ideas to life. They will also help you choose the right fonts and colors to catch your attention and boost visibility.

Avoid having too much information on the shirt, as it will make the design look noisy. Besides that, you will also lose the message and brand visibility.

Choose the Right Material

Running can be physically intense, especially if you are doing a marathon. Your fabric of choice will affect your performance. You want a material that dries fast, is breathable, and doesn’t stick to the body when wet.

You can go for specialized athletic fabrics designed for high performance. The only downside is that they can be costly. The other option is to pick polyester blends as it is a cheaper option that can deliver optimal performance to the participants.

Don’t Compromise on Comfort

Running gear needs to feel right, not too tight or baggy. Comfort levels will also affect your performance, especially if it restricts your range of movements. Tight-fitting personalized running shirts may also cause bruises on the neck and armpit areas.

Consider making shirts designed for physical activity; the shirts should be able to stretch where needed. Another thing to consider is the sleeve design. We recommend making sleeveless and short-sleeve shirts for the participants to choose from depending on their preferences.

Wrapping Up

The tips shared in this guide will help you manufacture the best personalized running shirts for upcoming marathons or charity events. Focus on choosing the best fabric, comfort, and a standout design.

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