So many people want to know how to be more motivated in college. It can be more difficult than people think! School and college are completely different from one another – it can be hard to adjust. This article will give you some tools in order to stay properly motivated.

Rest and Relax

Rest and relaxation might seem counterproductive to motivation. If that worries you, try and look at things from another direction. The advice people give for research papers is to write them and then walk away for a day. This is so people can come to work with fresh eyes.

The same applies with motivation for studying. You need to be properly rested in order to work. Think how you feel when you haven’t had enough sleep – not nice. It’s hard to be motivated when you can’t keep your eyes open. So try and keep a proper schedule for sleep and time off.

Keep a Schedule

Try to keep to a schedule if you have problems getting motivated. If you have an hour (for example) set down for studying, you can prepare yourself beforehand. Get yourself some water to drink while studying. Get a treat for after a successful hour of studying!

A schedule can be as strict or relaxed as you need it to be. If all you want is to block off several hours for work and play, fine. If you want to schedule every last detail of your day, also fine.

It all depends on what you need from a schedule. Try it out!

Find What Makes you Tick

There are so many different ways of finding motivation. Not all of them work for everyone – you’ll need to find out what works for you.

Ask yourself what you want. Do you:

  • Want to pass at the top of the class?
  • Want a specific job afterwards?
  • Want to go into academia?
  • Want to be able to afford holidays in exotic locations?

Decide what you want to do. That is your motivation. Use that as your goal to work towards. Having specific goals is very important when it comes to finding your motivation. Don’t underestimate just how much of a difference it can make.

Practise your Writing

A lot of students can find themselves lacking motivation in the face of unfamiliar tasks. It is much easier to get motivated to do things you know how to do! Unfortunately, nobody can spend their life only doing the things they like.

If you are nervous about writing, try taking a look at essay examples online at Many colleges also offer classes on different writing styles – why not find out if you can join one? Your motivation soaring once you become more comfortable. Sometimes all it takes is a little familiarity for motivation to come flooding back. Try it and see – the results will surprise you!

Do What you Love

The saying ‘do what you love and the money will follow’ may not be true, but it definitely makes life easier. We’ve already said that people have to do things they don’t like. But it doesn’t automatically mean that you should soldier on through things you hate. A big part of how to stay motivated is to do things you like. College will be so much easier if you study things you like.

Part of the problem here is misunderstanding what college is for. People think college is about getting a job. College is about learning how to think, and learning how to see the world.

Give Yourself Rewards

Getting yourself motivated is a huge task. You should be proud of yourself when you do it. It’s important to reward yourself when you manage to stay motivated during studying. Set up a system of rewards for when you have accomplished a task, or a group of tasks. This doesn’t have to be big. It can be as simple as coffee and cake once you are finished. Give yourself treats!

Don’t Stress

Make sure you avoid stress as much as possible – it kills any motivation. If you really have no time for certain things, remember that you can access writing services. Writing sites such as Edu Jungles are able to take care of any problems you might have. Stress makes everything harder to handle than it is already. Make sure you have a routine in place for handling it. This could be as simple as walking away for a few minutes, taking a walk, or having some tea.

Some people choose hobbies specifically because they are good for relieving stress. See if you can take one up. It might help.

Motivation to study can be hard to find. Hopefully this article will give some pointers on how to start. Don’t despair! You will find ways to motivate yourself that carry you through college and beyond. We all had to start somewhere. Give these tips a shot, and see what happens.


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