Since the legalization of CBD products in many countries, its usage has taken the world by storm. Despite oil tinctures still being the most popular, CBD cream for back pain is also becoming famous. When applied to the skin, it targets painful areas to ensure your joints and skin are healthy. But with so many creams in the market, choosing the best one may be difficult.

This article highlights some ways to discover the best creams.

  1. Hemp Quality

Every high-quality CBD product comes from high-quality hemp. However, not all hemp is equal. That affects the quality of some CBD products. When shopping for a CBD cream, it’s vital to know how the product’s hemp was made and grown. You want to buy a cream made from naturally grown hemp in the United States.

Hemp absorbs everything in the soil where it’s planted, and if the ground is full of harmful chemicals, the plant absorbs it. That’s why it’s mostly planted in areas where nuclear testing has been done to remove the radioactive waste from the soil. When hemp is grown in soil with toxic chemicals, they may end up in your CBD product and impact your health negatively.

  1. CBD Spectrum

When you buy CBD creams in the market, you’ll find two main varieties: the CBD isolate and broad-spectrum. Marijuana is a complicated plant that has various compounds that support health. Broad-spectrum products like the CBD inhaler have beneficial compounds that work together to create the entourage effect.

Broad-spectrum creams have compounds used to make high-quality products. Some of these products include different cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and glycerides. One good thing about broad-spectrum products is that they lack THC. These products are created through a proprietary extraction process that sucks out THC traces, producing a product that anyone can use.

On the other hand, CBD isolate products are created from isolated CBD. Though isolated CBD may be effective, they’re not of high quality.

  1. Lab Tests

You have a right as a consumer to know the ingredients in the CBD products you use. Though the FDA hasn’t set particular rules for CBD products, third party test results are necessary to ensure they’re safe. It’s only through these test results that you’ll know transparent companies.

Good lab tests give consumers facts about a CBD product’s ingredients, percentage of heavy metal traces, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. They also confirm that a product has the exact amount of CBD printed on the label. Most manufacturers know the importance of third-party lab results and avail them on their website. If you find out that a company hasn’t offered these results, find one that has.

Unfortunately, some CBD brands don’t have your best interests in their minds. Through third party results, you’ll identify any shady business practices and ensure you get the quality product you desire.

Wrapping Up

CBD creams are meant to improve your skin’s and joints’ health. As they work together with the ECS, they give you a healthy body. It would help if you remembered that your choice of CBD cream determines the results you get. Therefore, you need to settle on nothing else but the best.


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