Contactless and humanless: Singapore company deploys robots to deliver groceries

We order in food, groceries and other daily life essentials every now and then. Now, we just can’t think of having a life without the home delivery facility. Especially during the ongoing pandemic when people are being extra conscious about stepping out of houses, most of us have been resorting to home delivery facilities. 

To meet this surge in demand for home deliveries, a Singapore-based technology company has deployed a pair of robots to deliver people their groceries

Developed by OTSAW Digital and both named “Camello”, the robots’ services have been offered to 700 households in a one-year trial. Users can book delivery slots for their milk and eggs, and an app notifies them when the robot is about to reach a pick-up point – usually the lobby of an apartment building.

The robots, which are equipped with 3D sensors, a camera and two compartments each able to carry up to 20 kg (44 lb) of food or parcels ordered online, make four or five deliveries per day on weekdays and are on call for half day on Saturday. 

They use ultraviolet light to disinfect themselves after every trip, said OTSAW Digital’s chief executive, Ling Ting Ming. “Especially during this pandemic period, everybody is looking at contactless, humanless,” he told Reuters. For the time being, staff accompany the robots on their rounds to ensure no problems arise.

According to one of the users who availed the service, it could be extremely helpful for the elderly people to avoid carrying weight; with this, they do not need to carry grocery back home.

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