Karnataka Fisherman Catches Two Giant Manta Rays, Weight 750 kg and 250 kg

Two giant manta rays weighing 750 kg and 250 kg were caught by a fisherman off the coast of Karnataka on Wednesday.

The fisherman, identified as Subhash Sailan, made the big catch when he went deep sea fishing in Mangaluru off the Malpe port, according to a News Minute report.

As the manta rays were large and heavy, a crane had to be arranged to put them into a pick truck. Many locals gathered at the port area to have a look at the big haul. They were seen taking pictures and videos.Here is some of the shared videos


Images and videos of the same had gone viral on social media and personal messaging groups.

Speaking to The News Minute, former President of the Fishermen’s Association in coastal Karnataka Yathish Baikampady said that the big catch is not too common nor is it too rare. The size may vary but they are caught fairly regularly. Since the incident happened in Malpe and not in a remote area where it would not be reported, a large crowd in Malpe used social media, after which it has gone viral. It is expected that the fish will be exported and will fetch a handsome price and it is also the first such large haul in the port of Malpe after deep sea fishing has resumed since the lockdown restrictions were lifted.

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