Lieutenant Colonel GYK Reddy, an Indian Army officer has indigenously developed a ‘microcopter’, report.

The microcopter can be used by Indian army to carry out surveillance inside a terrorist hideout. It is particularly useful in Jammu and Kashmir where cases of terrorists hiding inside a building are common.

Para Special Forces battalion in Jammu and Kashmir has successfully carried out the trials of the microcomputer and further improvements are being carried out. It was showcased at an event to showcase innovation by the Indian Army in Delhi.

Also the Indian Army has selected SWITCH unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) made by IdeaForge to fulfill its requirement of an unknown number of tactical drones for its infantry troops deployed in high-altitude areas like Ladakh.

The Indian Army will sign a Rs 140 crore deal with the Navi Mumbai-based Indian company for SWITCH UAVs.

The 6.5 kilogram SWITCH drone is capable of vertical take-off, has an endurance of around 2 hours and an operational range of 15 kilometers.

The UAV can be launched from an altitude of up to 4,000 meters above mean sea level and has a maximum operating altitude of around 1,000 meters above ground level.

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