Studying physics can be an uphill battle for many. The subject demands students to be thorough with the concepts and they should possess adept analyzing and problem-solving skills. Physics further deals with a lot of theories, derivations, experiments and complex problems. As a result, the subject appears to be quite intimidating and challenging to learn.

However, studying and mastering physics concepts can be easy if students develop the right approach and improve their study techniques which also include developing better cognitive abilities. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on the memory part and look at a few hacks that can help students study productively, boost their exam preparation and ultimately get higher grades in physics.


Divide The Topics To Study

Most of the time students tend to study a lot of topics and concepts in one session. This is a wrong practice and the information is usually lost over time. According to scientific research, human memory can only process and register a limited amount of information before maxing out. Therefore, students should break down their subject matter and study topics, especially the complex ones like the moment of inertia, Newton’s law, etc in different parts. Doing so will help in better retention of the information.


Make Use of Mnemonic Devices

Now, mnemonic devices are an effective way to learn physics concepts. In general mnemonic device is not an actual device but a method of paraphrasing or interpreting information into another form so that it becomes easier to learn. In this case, students can do various things like writing down the solutions in their own words, use acronyms, and make rhymes. Students can try to explain the topic to others as well.


Create Mental Associations or Mind Maps

This is another useful method that can be applied to study physics. Creating mind maps will help in retrieving information more clearly and quickly. This will also help students avoid confusion and study systematically.


Make Use of Drawings

Students can draw to illustrate some concept whenever it is possible. This will help is remembering the concepts more clearly. Of course, students have to understand the concepts as well. Students can make drawings of topics like the simple pendulum or pulleys or electric circuit boards, etc.


Conduct Periodic Tests

Conducting tests will help students analyze their preparation level as well as check the information they are able to recall. Engaging in such study exercises will also help students to register information more strongly. Notably, students have to realize that recalling information is directly related to their deep understanding of the concepts.

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