When your best friend lives in a different country, things are different. Maybe you met in school, university, or you grew up together until her Mom changed jobs and she left halfway through high school. Whatever the reason, you’re now separated and it’s terrible. You hold onto every memory  because  sometimes it feels like an endless amount of days until you see each other again.

1. You both are rarely ever online at the same time.


But when you are, you have so many links, gifs and images to share


2. You are constantly counting on your fingers to figure out what time it is for them.


Hmmm, wonder what he/she is doing now


3. You both have a fund started for someone to go visit.

lets travel

Without seeing each other for too long  you legit anxiety and longing.


4. You wake up at a random time and see they’re actually online and get crazy with excitement.


But then they don’t respond because for whatever reason their Facebook just showed them logged on so you wait and wait then fall back asleep disappointed.


5. Talking about your favorite TV shows together becomes difficult because one of you always has spoilers.


DON’T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED…but tell me what happened.

6. You come home from the bar and you’re drunk and you can’t wait to tell your BFF about all the randomness that happened, but he/she’s most likely already asleep.


You get response next day, but you have no clue what he/she’s referencing to.


7. Everything you share on facebook gets like, comments from your friend.


you simply can’t stop liking and commenting on your best friend’s photos on facebook.


8. You try to co-ordinate your Skype sessions weeks in advance.


OK, Sunday at 7:35 my time, 2:35 your time.


9.  You talk all the time about whatever cultural differences there are.


Who eats just potato for dinner ?


10. You are part of all the important events over the skype call.


I really wish i was there 🙁


11. Sometimes your chat on social media lasts at least a week.


For a second you’re confused and then you’re like, oh right that!


12. Even if your other friends or boyfriend haven’t met your BFF, yet they already feel like they know them by proxy.


You’ve talked about your friend so much that your better half know everything about your BFF.


13. “When are you coming back ?” is one question you ask every time you talk even though you know the answer.

come back

And they answer it every single time you ask.



You know that the love between you and your BFF knows no time zones or distance.

best friends

Friendship doesn’t count miles, it’s measured by heart. 

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