A video of yoga guru Baba Ramdev falling off an elephant while performing yoga has gone viral on social media. This incident is said to have happened on Monday when Baba Ramdev was teaching yoga practice to saints at Guru Sharanan’s ashram Ramanarati in Mathura. The 22-second video went viral on Tuesday.


The clip shows Baba Ramdev sitting on the elephant while performing a yoga asana. A few seconds into the video, the pachyderm moves which disturbs Ramdev’s balance and he falls on the ground. He gets up immediately laughing.

The video has now gone viral. Baba Ramdev is known for his aasan’s and yoga postures. It was shocking to see him fall from the elephant while doing an aasan. Baba Ramdev lost his balance and the incident took place.

The video has garnered more than 18,400 views on Twitter. Netizens had varied reactions to the video,Here are some of them






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