Marvel and DC movies are both highly popular; however Marvel is doing well but DC contains many flaws. In the latest movies named DCEU, there have been many issues in the casts and writing. Even from the production view, there are many flaws in DCEU.

There are many reasons why Marvel keeps doing better than DC each time. Also, there are many reasons why DC always keeps wondering why their films get negative reviews each time.

Main reasons why Marvel films are doing great compared to DC films


  1. Tone

Marvel uses a tone that is friendlier and their television lineup approach is grittier. DC has been using just one technique on all its films which makes people bored. Though some people believe that it forms a success system in Marvel on the large display, it has additionally performed well on the smaller screens and streaming. Daredevil is one leading example of where dark tones did well for Marvel and Doctor Strange is the leading example of why productions are quite diverse.

  1. Crossovers

DC has done well in making every TV crossovers feel forced for improved viewing however, Marvel always does this to drive storytelling. Through its films and TV, Marvel has formed a good narrative.

  1. Casting

We feel that DC is not capable of holding down actors. For instance, there has existed like five people that have acted the role of Batman.

There has never been an ultimate portrayal that stands out in the DC field. Marvel, on the other hand, has had great productions. They have created anticipation through their cast mostly in Peter Parker, Tom Holland and others. DC only keeps on bringing confusion in their actors when they disconnect the movies and TV universes.

  1. Story

Both Marvel and DC have great stories which if done well can offer movies for a very long time. The difference between this 2 when it gets to story is that Marvel keeps the final game in mind. DC is always everywhere with their narrative and where they will take their major series. Many of the major officials of the Justice League do not get even over five minutes of screen-time in DC. However, DC officials believe that they fit in perfectly and that their fans love them in the end.

  1. Sequels

Since DC created the preamble to Justice League, they have just had one sequel which is Batman Vs Superman. However, the film contained many flaws. The actors, subplots and homages were so many.

Marvel prepares their actors well for the future. They always create phases that have endgames.

  1. TV series

The television shows of Marvel are awesome. For instance, the Daredevil show was so brilliant and was actually among Netflix’s great success. The excitement of the whole complex fixed universe of superheroes moves from the cinema to the televisions.

This can never be said about DC films. Shows such as Arrow and Legends of tomorrow even though they were not set in a similar universe as movies, they are not anything close to Marvel TV shows’ quality.

  1. Editing

Editing for Marvel movies is done perfectly. Their clips never lack connection and the transition in their sequences is smooth. Movies such as Captain America and The Avenger are some best examples of perfect movie editing.

Editing is done poorly on DC movies. Actually, it is only the latest movie titled Wonder Woman which has shown some progress in DC movie editing.

  1. Humour

Marvel films are great at making people laugh because they include humour effectively. People keep arguing that DC films are required to be gritty and dark. Majority of the people who go to cinema are never Marvel or DC lovers. People simply go to the cinema to get entertainment. When people watch films about older people with superpowers playing dress up and rescuing the world, it is difficult to take it seriously when the movie is gritty and dark. But, Marvel is perfect at that. They are able to make their movies entertaining without being ridiculous.

  1. Post credit sections

It is only Marvel that is able to make cinema enthusiasts sit and watch shows that reveal who the assistant and the assistant director was. This act is extremely ingenious. Apart from making people see all the people involved in creating a movie, post credit sections additionally bring suspense. Suspense has a priceless value in movies.

  1. Linking

Marvel films are linked together to raise interest. In a movie like Infinity Stones, apart from being the highest powerful stones in Marvel, they act as a connector (Marvel movies bond). Fans eagerly watch all Marvel movies expecting that one of the stones might turn up and they love to know what every stone can do. DC, on the other hand, does not have the linking concept thus making people have little interest in their productions.


Those are the reasons why Marvel is doing better than DC. DC must learn fast in order to catch up with Marvel. Are you a DC or Marvel enthusiast? Do you agree that Marvel is actually leading in the film industry and that DC is lagging behind? Please leave a comment. Additionally, in case you have any questions regarding this topic, just ask. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


About the author:

Kevin Linney is a history teacher, baseball fan and movie lover. Kevin works at the university of Oklahoma and he writes photo reviews for photographer Max Polyakov.



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