Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature that will allow a user to join a group video or voice call even after it has started. And, one will be able to see the new participants in a video call screen the way one sees on various communication apps.

This will help users join a group call even if they initially miss a call when their phone rings. The update also brings an easy way to let users drop-off and rejoin a group WhatsApp call – as far as the call is going on. Joinable calls allow users the ease of joining in-person conversations on group calls on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has also created a new call info screen that will allow users to see who all have been invited for the conversation but haven’t joined yet. Users can also look at the active participants of the call from the call information screen instead of getting their details after joining the call.

With the new feature, users will see a new “tap to join” option in their call log on WhatsApp, that will allow them to join an ongoing group call even if it was missed originally. Those who want to use the new feature, can simply go into their Call log on WhatsApp, then tap the call they’d like to join. This will open the call info screen. From there, users can tap “Join” to enter the missed group call. This will, of course, work on group calls that are already ongoing.

Further, if someone misses a group call when the phone rings, they can still join whenever they like. The call can be also be dropped off and could be re-joined again.

Additionally, the app has confirmed that the new feature will in no way affect the security and privacy of end-to-end encryption.

Official Twitter account of whatsapp tweeted, “NO MORE FOMO. You won’t miss a group call because you didn’t get to the phone fast enough anymore! With Joinable calls on WhatsApp you can join an ongoing call at any time!” 

Netizens praise whatsapp for the new update.At present, the group calling on WhatsApp allows up to eight participants to video call with each other.

Group video call history will appear in the ‘CALLS’ tab. You can tap the call history to view the individual participants from the call, according to WhatsApp.

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