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But getting back to what really matters. What sporting events will we have in 2022? We’ve talked to author Kate Richardson, specialist in sports, and separated some of the most important events.

Let’s not waste any more time and start a little early, already in 2022 to discover the future major sporting events of the next year. Something to make sports fans almost impatient… 

Canadian Events

There’s going to be some worth-a-watch sports events in Toronto and its surroundings. 

We can name the Gatineau Loppet as one of them, as it’s an international cross-country skiing event where nearly 2,500 skiers of all ages and abilities meet on the trails of Gatineau Park for a weekend in February. The courses are popular with both elite skiers and amateurs!

European handball championship

As always, the international men’s handball competitions are taking place at the dawn of a new calendar year. This time, the competition will be played on Hungarian and Slovakian soil.

Among the best teams on the planet, the European selections offer each continental competition a resounding spectacle for all handball fans. There is no doubt that the same will apply to this, being one of the most exciting sports events next year, which will be contested from January 13 to 30, 2022.

Winter Olympics

The Tokyo Games have been postponed by one year, so we will see the Olympic Games for the first time two years in a row.

An unexpected event can very often be combined with an unexpected anecdote. Never in the past has a host city hosted the summer and Winter Olympics. This will therefore be a first for Beijing after the 2008 Games.

It is certainly one of the sports events 2022 that most people from Europe, North America and Northern Asia are waiting for.

There is going to be a great variety of events and a lot of excitement to see who will go to the top place in the podium. Among the most popular sports in the Winter Olympics, we have:

  1. Ice Hockey
  2. Skii
  3. Curling
  4. Snowboard
  5. Ice Skating

World Athletics Championships

Initially scheduled for summer 2021, the world championships were postponed to summer 2022 to respect the good performance of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

They will take place in due form on the side of Eugene, an American city located in the state of Oregon and renowned worldwide as one of the strongholds of athletics. See you in the American Northwest from July 15 to 24, 2022.

European basketball championship

The end of the summer will be lively (competition from September 1 to 18) with the European basketball championship contested like the Euro football, all over Europe. 

The surprising and attractive Slovenia of genius Luka Doncic will do everything to keep his title, but there is no doubt that other national teams will try to surprise him, like the French, who were very attractive at the last World Cup contest.

Track Cycling World Championships

For the second time after 2015, the national velodrome of Saint-Quentin en Yvelines will host the track cycling worlds.

Open with great fanfare for the federal cycling elite and the holding of this major event, the velodrome obviously still has the foundations of a complex capable of hosting such an event. From October 12 to 16, France will host this exciting event for cycling fans to enjoy.

Football World Cup

The Euro and the coronation of Italy are barely finished, but there are already upcoming sports events for football. And the most expected of them is the great FIFA World Cup.

In 2022, the season will become somewhat atypical. Indeed, a World Cup will be played for the first time in its history during the winter, from November 21 to December 18. A choice made evident by the heat known on the soil of the organizing country, namely Qatar, during the months of June and July when the competitions usually take place.

Many countries are already guaranteed their place in the competition and we will certainly have a lot of excitement and maybe even surprises.

Can France remain at the top of world football? Will the title remain in Europe, or will Latin America return to the top? We’ll have to wait and see what will happen.


As we’ve seen above, there won’t be a lack of interesting sports events for fans to enjoy in the year of 2022. From the Olympics to the Football World Cup, there will be a lot of excitement for the public to follow all year long.

While we wait for these competitions, we can enjoy the sports events today, like the UEFA Champions League in Europe, and keep waiting for the incredible moments that the next year will bring us. Which 2022 sporting event is you most excited to follow?

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