South African pastor farts on people’s faces ‘to heal them’

In today’s bizarre piece of news, a self-styled pastor in South Africa has claimed that he can heal people by, Wait For It..farting on their face! Yes, the pastor named Christ Penelope reportedly farts on his congregants as a healing process that cures all spiritual and physical problems. The pastor went viral after he was photographed sitting on top of peoples faces and farting on them.

People claim that the air from his flatulence doesn’t stink but is holy, the outlet reports. The church has been flooded with visitors to witness the unorthodox pastor, in the wake of rumors, but Pastor said that the things people are saying are not true. “They hear things and believe them,” he mentioned.

He said that what he does “is not by flesh but by faith,” adding that when he sits or stands on his followers, they do not feel any pain as the Holy Spirit is in charge.

Two sources from the church, who wish to remain anonymous, revealed while others didn’t mind the unusual ways, they were not happy with it. A 30-year-old man shared he came to the church for prayers and not to be farted on. He thinks what the pastor is doing is not right and Penelope should ask God for “another way of healing people.”

Another 40-year-old woman said she stopped going to church as that was not what she signed up for as she needed prayers and not farts. Other pastors are condemning Penelope’s behaviour and saying he shouldn’t be sitting on people, regardless of farting on them or not.

Pastor Jacob Sibiya from Kagiso told Daily Sun thatGod doesn’t say sit on people to heal them and pastors should practice what’s in the Bible and “not what they think is in there.”

Bishop Miso Mabunda from Meadowlands claims these “are exactly the deeds the Bible warned us against.” He said that when the end of the world is near, people would do things that will shock us and he advised people to make their ways right with the Lord.

Pastor Penelope reacted to criticism and said, “I don’t fart on people – I heal people.”

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