Actor Radhika Apte revealed that she married British musician Benedict Taylor in 2012 only because it was ‘easier to get a visa’. She added that she is not a believer in the institution of marriage.


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Radhika, who is currently in London with Benedict, was talking to actor Vikrant Massey. The two were answering ‘other’ questions about themselves that they are not usually asked in interviews.

In response to the question ‘When did Radhika Apte get married?’, she said, “Well, when I realised that it is easier to get a visa when you are married. I think there should be no boundaries. I am not a big marriage person, I don’t believe in the institution. I got married because visa was really a problem and we wanted to live together. I think that’s not fair.”

Currently, Radhika is with Benedict in London, and in an interview with Hindustan Times, she opened up about her routine during self-isolation. “Just to have a routine was a normal thing. But, in this period, I ate well, exercised, tried to write and watch, and did nothing, without any pressure of having to be at any place. All of these have been really good things. But, there have been too many bad things, too,” she had said.

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