Meet The Kumbhakarana Of 21st Century Who Sleeps For 300 Days A Year

A unique case has come to light from Rajasthan. Purkharam, who lives in the Nagaur district of Jodhpur, sleeps for 300 days a year. The family members feed and bathe him while he is asleep. 42-year-old Purkharam is suffering from a very rare disease called Axis Hypersomnia.

According to doctors, it is a rare psychological disease seen in very few people across the world.

While people are usually advised to sleep for six to eight hours a day, Purkharam sleeps for 25 days at a stretch. He was diagnosed with the rare disorder 23 years ago.

Purkharam has his own grocery store but due to the disorder `Axis Hypersomnia’, he can open the shop only five days a month.

Purkharam’s family sought medical help when he slept excessively during the initial days of the condition. He was sleeping for 15 hours a day at that time. Over the years, the period of sleep increased by several hours and ultimately for several days. His symptoms have worsened so much that he now sleeps for 20 to 25 days in a row.

The family members have to feed and bathe him while he is asleep. In fact, he might even fall asleep while he is at work.

Purkharam said that despite treatment and excessive sleeping, his body is fatigued most of the time and his productivity is almost nil. He also complained about other symptoms related to his condition such as severe headaches.

Purkharam’s wife Lichmi Devi and his mother Kanvari Devi hope that he will recover soon and live a normal life like before.

What is Axis Hypersomnia?

According to Dr. BR Jangid, Axis Hypersomnia is a very rare psychological disease. In which the patient sleeps for a long time. If someone has an old tumor or head injury in his head, he may also have a similar disease.

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