Gone are the days when students and young professionals who came to Greater Noida to pursue their dreams had to live in PGs or hostel rooms with poor hygiene or basic facilities. Because the ambitious millennials like you who are migrating to the city know exactly what they want out of their accommodation. If you’re living in a place that’s as constantly evolving and innovating as Greater Noida, you want your living conditions to reflect it. 

And that’s why settling for any ordinary hostel in Greater Noida just won’t cut it any longer. Millennials moving to the city have some pretty clear-cut expectations of what good accommodation should look like and what facilities they should provide. So, if you’re someone who’s considering a move to Greater Noida, you’re in good company. These are some of the facilities that you should look for in your housing options in this city so that you know you’re going to be able to live your best life. Let’s take a look.

Affordable rent

If you wanted to splurge all your savings, you would have opted for a flat. But you’re choosing to stay in a hostel or a PG because it is a lot less expensive. Make sure you keep that in mind as you begin your search. Fix a budget window within which you can look for accommodation options and filter your search with that range. This will save you time and money on going through brokers or having to look at places that are way beyond your reach. Remember that the amount of rent you pay will depend on different factors like the location of your hostel, the size of your room, the number of people you’re sharing it with and the amenities you hope to receive.


How much time and money do you want to spend travelling to college or work? Most millennials would agree that the location of your PG is one of the most important factors during your search. You want to live somewhere that minimises your travel time, but at the same time, you also want your PG to be in a respectable neighbourhood, with plenty of access to public transport. Having other external facilities like ATMs, chemists, markets etc nearby will also be really helpful for your daily needs.


Having a hostel or a PG that provides food is a must for almost all millennials whose hectic schedules don’t leave them with much time for cooking or preparing meals. But don’t just settle for any meals, you need an accommodation that provides you healthy and high quality food. Make sure you speak to some existing or ex residents to find out about the taste of the food, the quantity and frequency of meals, as well as if the PG has a kitchen for you to cook or prepare something of your choosing. If you’re someone who’s going to be spending most of your time at college or work, ask your potential landlord if they provide facilities for packing breakfast or lunch so that you don’t end up skipping meals.

Curfews and Restrictions

Some hostels and PGs have pretty strict house rules or curfews that can be inconvenient for millennials. Find out about these restrictions in advance so that you can avoid any future problems. If your hostel doesn’t allow visitors on the premises or if it has a 7 p.m. curfew, you need to know about it before you make a commitment so that you’re not stuck in a sticky situation after moving in. If your hostel does have a curfew timing or restrictions that don’t work for you, speak to your landlord in advance about making an allowance for your needs or look for a different accommodation.


The whole point of living in a hostel or a PG rather than a flat is that you expect to be provided with some amenities. So, make sure that the accommodation you opt for actually delivers on the amenities it promises. With traditional hostels sometimes falling short on this demand, a lot of millennials are now turning to modern options like Stanza Living’s PG in Greater Noida which is a managed accommodation option that provides everything you need to have a comfortable life. Starting from fully furnished rooms to delicious meals, their amenities range from basics like high speed WiFi and professional housekeeping to entertainment zones and in house gyms for residents to relax and kick back in. If you want the best of amenities, you should definitely take a look at options like this.

And there you have it. These are the facilities and factors you should consider when you’re looking for accommodation in Greater Noida. If you manage to bag a place that matches all of these points, you’re definitely going to have a great time living in this city. Happy hunting!

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