Director Cheran pleads to rescue her daughter from his assistant director boyfriend

After actor-director Cheran’s younger daughter Dhamini left her home on Friday, approached the police and filed a complaint against her father of trying to intimidating her lover Chandru alias Chandrasekhar(25), a former assistant to Cheran.

Breaking his silence on his daughter’s allegations against him, the shell-shocked Cheran met the media on Saturday. He was accompanied by Nadigar Sangam president Sarath Kumar, Fefsi president Ameer, Radha Ravi and director SP Jananathan. Before meeting the press, the actor had filed a counter complaint against Chandru and sought police help to rescue his daughter.

Meanwhile, Chandru who was living hiding for over a month, was summoned by the Thousand Lights police for questioning yesterday.

The actor became emotional while defending his position against his daughter’s lover, who is not the right choice for his daughter.

Cheran said, “I am not against love, but to Chandru. In fact my marriage was love marriage. As a responsible father, I should ensure that she gets a good husband. I am not from a wealthy family and don’t believe in social status. So initially I had agreed to their relationship, but his real face was revealed only after a background check. He does not have a good moral character, and I heard a lot of bad things about him. When it’s your own daughter, and you only want the best for her, how do I let her go?

I gave her(Dhamini) all the freedom. It was she who decided to stay away from her boyfriend, citing he was behaving like a sadist. In fact, she had herself submitted a written complaint on July 10 against Chandru, accusing of harassment . She was like my friend, I don’t know who led her astray.  I don’t believe in violence, even in my films I don’t keep violent scenes, and I have never hurt Chandru.

He concluded that he would accept the marriage, if the guy chosen by his daughter is really good. Meanwhile Cheran’s wife Selvarani, who fell ill after this incident has been admitted to the hospital.

Chandru on the other hand, stands his ground. He claimed that he had left Chennai fearing threats from Cheran and his people. He told that he was asked to come to Kodambakkam Petrol bunk by a close-aide of Cheran on the pretext of sorting out the matter, but he was instead threatened by the director, his close-aide who called him over and his henchmen.

After the Though Lights police investigated the issye, Chandru has been sent back to his home with police protection, while Dhamini was sent to a government home.

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