Brazilian Wildlife physician sets world record for longest tyrolean traverse over lava lake! Watch

Karina Oliani crossed a total distance of 100,58 m (329 ft 11.76 in), achieving the world’s longest tyrolean traverse over a lava lake,” reads a part of the caption shared by GWR.

Guinness World Records (GWR) often takes to Instagram to share about such records which are both fascinating and scary, in equal parts. To celebrate the occasion of International Women’s Day 2021, they posted on such a record created by wildlife enthusiast and medical physician Karina Oliani. The post describes how this adventurer, hailing from Brazil, used a rope to traverse over volcanic lava lake Erta Ale in Ethiopia. The post is complete with a video of her creating this amazing feat.

She is the first Brazilian woman to climb K2. She has also been involved in rescuing endangered wildlife. Her latest journey has taken her to one of the hottest points of the earth, volcano lava lake Erta Ale in Afar, Ethiopia.

On the occasion of Women’s day, Guinness World Record shared a tweet which went viral, “Adventure enthusiast, @KarinaOliani scaled across one of the hottest points of the earth – achieving the longest tyrolean traverse over a lava lake! She’s an inspiration for #InternationalWomensDay.”

“From diving into the ocean with anacondas to wing walking on planes, Brazilian adventurer @KarinaOliani now conquers the longest tyrolean traverse over a lava lake.” Tweeted Guinness World Record.

“Since I was a very little kid, I was always fascinated by nature and big challenges. And I thought, what could be a bigger challenge than traversing the largest lava lake on Earth?” Karina said.

Later she added, “Outdoor challenges have always been my passion and because of this, I’ve participated in countless expeditions at sea, up mountains, in the jungle and in the desert including climbing Everest two times.

In safety precautions, Karina and her team needed to involve wearing specialized heat suits which protected Karina from the heat extremities from the waves of lava. At the age of 12, Karina took her first scuba diving class and managed herself to get certification which led her to swimming in the ocean.

Now, she is a front-line worker as a doctor with double certification in both emergency medicine and wilderness medicine and she also has a piloting license. Karina is an inspiration for many women.

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