We all love Sunny Leone and can’t get over her beauty. We all are fans of her movies. However, as we all know, the movies of Sunny just raise the temperature. Recently Sunny Leone opened up about what it is like to do bold scenes near crew members. 

Sunny Leone says– “Bold roles or doing scenes that are intimate are a part of the profession. We all watched so many films and shows where intimacy is definitely a part of most unless you’re watching a Disney show. But that is definitely a part of most shows, and I think it’s about being professional, and doing your job and getting the work done and making sure that you feel comfortable, of course, everybody on set makes you feel comfortable and whoever is not needed on set obviously leaves.”

As we all know Sunny Leone is a family woman and manages both her professional and personal life in a quite commendable way. Here is what she has to say about balancing work and catching up with her children because she misses them so much. To the work life balance Sunny Leone says: “Having three children and working, the work schedules are not easy at all. As they are getting older, it becomes even more difficult to leave because I think they’re fine, but I think I have more separation anxiety and I miss them more, maybe more than they miss me because they’re so busy playing and having fun usually if I am not home then. Daniel makes a point to try and be as home as much as possible. Luckily for us, our offices are across the street so he’s able to come back and forth.”

Pandemic has turned our lives upside down and nobody was spared from the sheer change of routine. However, the pandemic also made us attached with our families. Sunny Leone’s story of Pandemic is also similar. Let us see what the superstar has to say. Sunny Leone explains the impact of pandemic on her life as: “Because of the pandemic, we have become so attached to our children and our children have become so attached to us. It’s been difficult but we kind of have the schedule, pretty good right now where I either spend time with them in the mornings or in the evenings, but they definitely get their mommy time and I get my children.”

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