5 Tips For A Perfect GRE Issue Essay

As a student, you might find yourself stuck preparing for your GRE issue essay assignment. Naturally, you are probably looking for a way out of these frustrating circumstances. If you are looking for a hack that will help you write, then read these working tips to polish your task and pass your GRE successfully. Moreover, for those running out of patience and who do not feel like they want to write it by themselves, there is a great alternative – applying for support of a writing service and getting a useful sample. The primary advice from us is to choose a trustworthy one. Here is a link to an EssayShark review that will help you out in making the right choice.

What defines an issue essay?

An issue essay’s notable feature is that it always contains a general issue to analyze and evaluate the problematics in the paper. The main idea is to find and develop an argument for the issue you get and give strong support to your opinion. At GRE, this issue usually comes as a prompt on a random topic that you do not know before. For this reason, you should develop arguments for your works fast and effectively. Here are the vital hacks to use: 

Stay focused on the topic

Sometimes, the issues might be fascinating, so it can inspire you to add more arguments or share your own experience. But remember to stay concise and not let your thoughts stray from the topic. Stay on the initial strategy that requires you to develop your arguments why you agree or disagree with a prompt. There is no need to make your issue essay look like a narrative or expository.

Engage your readership

Develop hooks and twists. Impress your readership with unexpected arguments and share with them some relevant information that is not widely known. It will make your issue essay engaging and definitely help it stand out, which is vital for GRE.

Keep to the essay structure

Remember to make your issue essay easy to read, and let your thoughts and supporting arguments flow according to a strong structure. Create an outline and draft each paragraph of the essay before you proceed to write it.

Use a specific style

To convince your readership to join your opinion, you have to clarify your thoughts. It will help you sound tangible and concrete if you avoid words like “some people,” “some situations,” etc. It will be perfect to use concrete statistics, historical dates, salary rates, names, and other such data.

Stay on schedule

Usually, students get only 30 minutes to create an issue essay on GRE. Remember that you have not only to write your paper but also to proofread it at least once! Set a timer for 25 minutes and do your best to stay organized while writing.


Hopefully, these tips for a perfect GRE issue essay will help you prepare and succeed in the examination. For those who already opted to apply for a writing service and have additional free time to read something interesting, we suggest reading why college athletes shouldn’t get paid. Maybe you will find your arguments to that issue?

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