Applying for a new gas connection can be done in a few easy steps. Applicants can work on the process through the internet, using the online application website. Applicants can also get through the process through the office which might take some time since it would involve travelling, gathering the forms, collecting the supporting documents and finally submitting them all.

Applicants who are tech-savvy, or prefer working with an easy and convenient option can choose to use the online application. They can fill out all their information on the application on the page, and then upload all the supporting documents they have to provide. They can get through the process in less than half an hour if they have all their documentation ready. Post submitting all the information, the backend of the website has to go through a verification process to double check the information they provided, making sure the forms and the supporting certification are all connected and the information matches. They would then receive an appointment for when the gas company would send a representative to their house to set up the gas connection.

A gas connection is usually selected and booked for once in a lifetime, and the only reason that an individual would have to handle another booking is if they choose to move, rent out a new place or are purchasing a second house. One of the most important parts of settling for a gas connection is making sure that they have the right information about the company that they are planning on selecting. The gas company should be able to provide them with a reasonable price and a proper delivery so that their clients always have a good gas connection.

For the people who do not want to work on the gas application process through the internet, instead of working with the earlier system of going to the office to gather the forms and documents, they can benefit from the website, without uploading any content. Since there is a lot of research needed when selecting the right gas company, they can get information about the various companies in the market and the amounts that they are charging. They might even be able to handle some research about the places that they service and if they have good reviews. Most importantly, they should know whether they deliver depending on the needs of their clients or if they have a regular weekly or fortnightly schedule.

After deciding on the gas company that they want to work with, they can even download the application forms for a new gas connection from the website. While the information is readily available, they can further download a list of the documents needed for the application. After filling out the forms at their convenience and gathering the documents they need, they can get through the process at the office.

While the primary purpose of the website is to assist with immediate gas connections, a majority of the people using it are trying to switch from one client to another. According to a study conducted in 2019, more than 90% of the country already had functional gas connections, and the 10% receive gas connections through Government schemes, with a small minority of them using the website for new ones. The website can also be used by some companies when they are planning on getting an LPG gas booking. Other than using the website, some companies prefer that their clients call and book their gas connections if they cylinders that they are using run out. Booking a gas cylinder can be handled in a few minutes with people getting 12 subsidised gas cylinders in a year. There are rare instances where people need more, and they would have to pay full price for the rest. The information is added to the gas booklet, which makes the process a lot easier.

All gas companies currently provide door to door service when people need a new cylinder since the one that they were using ran out of gas. There are talks about making lighter and safer cylinders out of a type of fibre, and even moving to gas pipelines for some parts of the country and then considering doing the same to the rest of the country, but that seems like the long term plan.

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