Many potheads know that they can smoke hemp flowers, but a smaller percentage knows that they can make a bomb-ass smoke cocktail when they pair up the hemp flowers with other common herbs. And not only can they smoke, but they can vape the two together to form the ultimate smoking and vaping experience. Here are some tested and proven herbs that can unlock a never-before-seen market of smoke cocktails. Most of them are sweet-tasting and some are for medicinal values. 


Lavender is a sweet-smelling herb that hails from the Lamiaceae family of plants, and it has a baby pink-purplish look that brings about a comforting feeling when smoked. When mixed up with the characteristic smell of hemp flowers, it forms a perfect blend that attracts the smoker into taking another puff or another vape hit. The ideal mix is when the lavender is half and hemp is half of the total dosage. 


Chamomile is popular with tea enthusiasts. The plants look like daisies and hail from the Asteraceae family of plants. They are accessible for the medicinal value that they bring to the table.They contain traces of polyphenol compounds, which are known to be an anti-anxiety remedy. Combining the two brings about the ultimate siesta.


Mint is a popular herb that belongs to the Lamiaceae family of plants. The herb has a characteristic smell that is quite distinctive. Some people prefer the minty feel in their food, alcohol, and even drinks. And it was just a matter of time before they preferred the mint taste in their cannabis smoking session. If you consider online shopping, you can purchase medicinal marijuana from Cannaflower. It is advised to put about less than a third of mint to two-thirds of hemp flowers to get an excellent concoction. This is because when there it too much mint, it may choke the user. 


This is a culinary plant that is sometimes referred to as the great basil. It belongs to the Lamiaceae family of plants. It is thought to have therapeutic properties in it that enables the consumer to be at ease. Mixing this rich herb with your hemp flowers in a vape and taking a hit would bring about a euphoric feeling. Accompanied by therapy that comes along with the basil. You can mix as much as ¾ of basil to ¼ of hemp flowers in your smoke cocktail. 


The most available and easily acquired of them all, the rosemary herb a perennial plant that belongs to the Lamiaceae family. Its scientific name is salvia Rosmarinus. Rosemary has a fragrant smell that cannot be confused with anything else. It is also used as a culinary herb to flavour food such as lamb, turkey, and chicken. It can also be used as an herb to mix with hemp flowers to achieve the ultimate smoke experience. One can mix up half portions to get the desired taste of temple cocktail. 


When using these products, be sure that they are one hundred percent organic with no synthetic features in them. This will save you from developing any respiratory conditions.

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