Top 25 movies based on gambling

The gambling industry has encountered an extensively massive evolution in the last few decades. In the earlier days, only a limited amount of people were open to the idea of gambling. Moreover, only the most filthy-rich businessmen gambled as a sport in the earlier era. However, today, gambling has become a very socially acceptable game and is even recognized as a classic sport by many. You might already be familiar with the fact that several gambling games have been displayed in a few of the most popular movies

According to the experts, With flexible Indian gambling laws, it is safe to say that several states in India can gamble. If you’re intrigued by the idea of gambling, here are some movies that showcased legendary gambling scenes. 

  1. Maverick 

The movie released in 1994, Maverick left several gambling enthusiasts stunned by the idea of gambling as Mel Gibson- the lead role, made the casino game look quite fascinating. 

  1. Vegas Vacation 

Vegas Vacation might not have been that good of a movie, but you have to give credit to the fun-loving and elegant gambling scenes in the film. The movie, established in 1997, unquestionably showcases the delicacy and elegance of gambling. 

  1. Lucky You 

Lucky You was primarily released in 2007 and was solely based on highlighting the craze for the exquisite casino game- Poker. While the movie might have been a disaster, the poker scenes were quite compelling. 

  1. Let It Ride 

Let It Ride is quite an old movie from the 1980s. The movie focuses on a comedy based on a gambling addict- Richard Dreyfuss, who is, let’s say, quite the loser in betting on horse races.

  1. 21 

21 is an intriguing story entirely based on the MIT Blackjack team that extensively won over the house for almost a decade. The movie is just the perfect movie to watch to learn about blackjack and its exquisite features. Click here to play blackjack to win exciting bonuses. Claim your offer today. 

  1. Ocean’s Eleven 

Haven’t we all heard of Ocean’s Eleven? The excellent thriller revolves around the core casts that gamble and are sobering cautionary tales. 

  1. The Cooler 

The Cooler is another movie on gambling released in 2003. The film is based on the main character, who is a recovering gambling addict and is under an enormous debt to the casino’s boss. Watch this movie for a fun-loving laughing session. 

  1. Casino 

Released in 1995, the Casino is a famous movie of the one and only- Robert De Niro. The film is based on the setting of Vegas, where everybody needs to watch everybody else. Here is the perfect chance of getting a glimpse into Vegas gambling. Learn and claim your offer today. 

  1. Molly’s Game 

Molly’s Game showcases the commendable screenwriting of Aaron Sorkin. The oscar-winning movie is based on a former champion skier who turns to casino gambling after losing his career through an unfortunate accident. 

  1. The Hustler 

The Hustler was primarily realized in 1961 and is a classic gambling movie that is a sequel to the famous film- The Color of Money. Now watch this movie to live your fantasy gambling experience virtually. 

  1. Atlantic City 

Released in 1980, Atlantic City is an exquisite gambling movie that showcases how Atlantic City’s gambling legalization took place to give dreamers a chance to accomplish their goals. It furthermore also gives a glimpse into the gambling laws in the USA that are quite similar to that of the Indian gambling laws.  

  1. Bugsy 

Bugsy originates in Las Vegas. The movie, which was released in 1991, is a deliberate study of a gangster- Bugsy Siegel and showcases the classic gambling scenes that we all know. 

  1. The Color of Money 

The Oscar-winning movie- The Color of Money is a unique film in an old pool shark at a crossroads and showcases varied gambling scenes throughout the movie. 

  1. Eight Men Out 

Eight Men Out is another historical drama on 1919’s black sox scandal where Chicago White sox members showcase the World Series to gamblers. 

  1. The Sting 

The Sting is a fun-loving movie that deliberately showcases the fun side of gambling. The compelling drama is an excellent choice to see gambling as a form of sport. 

  1. Rounders 

Rounders is a classic gambling movie, released in 1998, that does a pretty commendable job at showing viewers a glimpse into the cool masculinity and swagger of a professional poker player. 

  1. Owning Mahowny 

Owning Mahowny is a descriptive movie based on the obsessive, addictive, and crippling side of gambling. It is the best movie to watch to know the criticality of gambling addiction. 

  1. Mississippi Grind 

The movie Mississippi Grind was recently released, in 2015, showcases the charming and loveable two-handed on the focus couple that drives down to a poker game in New Orleans. 

  1. The Cincinnati Kid 

The Cincinnati Kid is another famous gambling movie which is quite similar to Hustler. However, the cinema entirely focuses on poker and not pool hustling. 

  1. Croupier 

Croupier was released in 1998. The movie talks about the focus character, who is a bit of a desperate individual, hoping to stumble across money through the gambling industry. 

  1. Tricheurs

Tricheurs was released in 1984. The movie is the most underrated yet the best gambling movie that showcases a thriller plot of a lovely man who falls prey to gambling addiction. 

  1. Uncut Gems 

Uncut Gems is a recent movie, released in 2019. The nerve-wracking film is filled with an intense and thrilling plot that will leave you stunned. In brief, the film focuses on the main character who died a gambling addict with zero hope of recovery. 

  1. Hard Eight 

Hard Eight is another classic and the first movie of Paul Thomas Anderson that talks about gambling in Las Vegas’ underworld. 

  1. California Spirit 

California Spirit is based on the focus character Charlie who becomes friends with another gambler- Bill. The charming movie is all about an intense gambling battle. 

  1. The Gambler 

Lastly, one gambling movie you shouldn’t miss out on is The Gambler. The Gambler is another exquisite storyline based on gambling addiction. 

To sum up, 

Here is your chance at exploring a few of the most thrilling and explicitly intense gambling movies to make your gambling experience a bit more worthwhile.

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