Ten fold engineering develops a modular, self-deploying structure that can unfold itself without the need for foundations, builders, or cranes. The core defining all ten fold systems is a unit that can be easily transported to any location on a truck. 

On arrival the structure unfolds to three times its original transport size, after which it is instantly habitable, with all internal fixtures and fittings pre-installed. The system is reversible, meaning these structures can be refolded and moved to a new location just as quickly.

Ten fold engineering’s structures can be interlinked, or stacked, in various combinations to make larger homes, offices, or even a hotel-style building. 

The internal layout of an individual unit is interchangeable with a series of folding partitions, letting people design floor plans and room combinations to meet their own needs. The units can also be pre-fitted with a variety of modular pods for batteries, off-grid power systems, or water-treatment systems.

The UK-based company has also designed a series of custom, unfolding accommodations for people with more idiosyncratic architectural tastes. 

A design entitled the ‘tree house’ expands to reveal a winged floating tree house, while ‘moot hall’ takes the form of a colossal A-frame tent. Most of ten fold engineering’s designs are still at a concept phase, with the company calling out to all architects, engineers, and manufacturers who may be interested in deploying the technology.

The starting price for these cool units start at $129,000. The price to pay to enjoy your home or office wherever you travel.

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