Shirts are an essential part of any man’s wardrobe. Whether it is a local rendezvous at a café or an important meeting in the office, your shirt is one of the things that will define your first impression. In this article, we look at the best men shirts that can elevate your fashion game and help you stand out. But before that, let’s look at some important factors that greatly affect your purchase. 

A Fitting Decision

It is common for men to shop for top quality shirts without paying too much attention to how well it fits. Overlooking the fit might result in unnecessary folds and creases that might spoil the entire look. Therefore, it is important to find a fit that aligns with your body shape. 

The market is open to a variety of fits like regular, slim, and tapered. Each one is designed for a specific comfort preference and body type. 

  • Regular fit shirts are comfortable and fall straight with pleats at the back to give a classic look 
  • A slim fit sticks to your body contours and comprises darts at the rear to make the waistline more pronounced. 
  • A tapered fit does not have any pleats and brings out an appealing look with narrow sleeves. 

Cuff and Collars

Cuff and collars are often overlooked while browsing for the best men shirts. There are a plethora of collar types that you can choose from. Some of the commonly available types are button-down, spread, cutaway, and forward point. While shopping for premium shirts in India, you need to be aware of a specific type of collar, known as semi-spread collars. The reason you should know about them is that they can be styled with both casual and formal attire with ease.  

A good collar will leave room for a finger to seamlessly fit between your neck and the collar. Anything too loose will bend as you move. Anything too tight will make it uncomfortable to wear for long. For cuffs, it is always a good decision to go for those that cover the hinge bone on your wrists, as anything more than that will make the shirt look oversized. 

Shirt Designs to Elevate Your Style

Now that you know what to look for while purchasing top quality shirts let’s look at the best men shirts that can elevate your style. 

  • Denim shirts: A timeless option that can immediately complete any casual outfit. Pair it with dark-coloured pants for a trendy look that keeps you stylish throughout the day. 
  • Linen shirts:  A highly comfortable and light fabric, linen shirts are perfect for casual days. Pair a linen shirt with chinos or khakis for the ultimate summer look. 
  • Dress shirt: One of the top-quality shirts for men, dress shirts are your perfect wardrobe companion for all important events. Pair a white dress shirt with a tuxedo jacket and formal dress shoes to turn heads on any occasion. 

A Good Buy

When it comes to buying premium shirts in India, the options are plentiful. However, we would recommend you go for a reputed fashion brand that understands the art and science that goes behind curating the best men shirts. 

Associate with a company that has a story and products that reflect their passion. Andamen is one of India’s finest luxury fashion brands, built on the philosophy of going beyond the ordinary. You can scroll through their website and explore some of the best men’s shirts that are crafted to stand the test of time. 

So, replenish your wardrobe with top quality shirts and stay classy wherever you go!

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