Experts in Colorado are researching the way in which a Taco Chime client wound up with food that was bound with rodent poison and made him “fiercely sick.”

As per The New York Post, the anonymous client turned out to be sick in the wake of eating burritos from Taco Chime on Sunday night.

Agent John Bartmann with the Arapahoe Region Sheriff’s Office let CBS News Colorado know that the man had battled with staff at Taco Chime’s Aurora outlet on Sunday evening, presently before he became sick.

This was affirmed by eatery administrator Lary Quick, who said that the man was irritated about the café’s beverage station not working and needed free food as remuneration.

Quick added that the client was a customary who had spats with the staff in the past too.

In one example, he had tossed a taco at a worker. On Sunday evening, he again contended with staff and was given a free burrito.

The man turned out to be sick at around 7 pm in the wake of eating the Taco Ringer food and must be moved to a close by clinic.

“That medical clinic said they had a patient who has perhaps eaten rodent poison in his food from a similar eatery,” Representative John Bartmann said.

“The present moment what we’re taking a gander at is on the off chance that the rodent poison was really placed into his food at the eatery.

We couldn’t say whether it was as of now,” he added.

Police has opened an examination and characterized the case as “criminal endeavor murder.”

The Taco Ringer outlet was shut down after specialists found rodent poison in the client’s burritos.

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