Team India’s ‘split captaincy’ debate has sparked ever since Rohit Sharma led Mumbai to their fifth IPL title. 

Fans, as well as, former cricketers and commentators have been weighing in on the debate, giving their views about the same. The debate doesn’t seem to end with everyone sharing their two cents on the split captaincy debate. You can just speculate and mostbet india about all this possibilities. 

Retired Indian wicket-keeper batsman Parthiv Patel has backed Rohit Sharma to be given captaincy ahead of T20 World Cup 2021 over Virat Kohli.

Parthiv Patel has backed Rohit Sharma over Virat Kohli to lead the Men in Blue in the 2021 edition of the T20 World Cup. The 35-year-old, who has announced his retirement from all forms of cricket, reckons that Sharma knows the art of team-building and said it to be a reason behind the Mumbai Indians’ winning five IPL titles in the last eight seasons.

Parthiv spoke to Sports Tak on various chapters of his cricketing career. When the subject of captaincy in the current Indian team with regards to the shortest format came, Parthiv didn’t shy away from favouring Rohit over Kohli.

Rohit Sharma has shown us how to build a team. He has shown us how to win a tournament. I think there is no harm in giving him the captaincy in one format. This will also relieve Virat Kohli of some pressure,” Parthiv Patel said on Sports Tak.

“With him (Rohit) winning so many tournaments, it will be interesting to see how he takes decisions under pressure. Mumbai Indians does not have a settled team every season, but Rohit Sharma has shown that he knows how to build players and show results.

According to me for the T20 World Cup, if Rohit Sharma is fit to play, he should be given the captaincy ahead of the tournament,” the Gujarat batsman added.

Parthiv also joined in the debate over the captaincy of Virat Kohli and said that the comparisons were there because India has other options that it can go with. He added that the IPL has shown there are other options for India that can be taken as and when the need for them arises.

The debate should not create a rivalry between the two (Rohit and Virat), but the reason we are discussing this question is that India has options (in captaincy). If there were no options then there would be no comparisons. The IPL has given a platform to both the players and therefore the comparison between their captaincies will be there,” he added.

Parthiv played under the leadership of Kohli at RCB but when it comes to sheer abilities as a captain, the ex-stumper certainly rates Rohit higher because of the success the latter has had in the T20 league with Mumbai Indians.

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