Sanju Rani Verma has set an example for the society in India to let women live and pursue their dreams. Ms. Verma says “I do not understand the societal pressure… not letting your daughters study and marrying them off,” to the media. Let’s read about her inspiring journey of becoming a Commercial Tax Officer. 

Sanju was 28, when she lost her mother. Post the loss her family members and relatives were not letting her follow her dreams and wanted to marry her off. She tried to make them understand the importance of career in her life but they didn’t want to hear her out. 

Losing all the hope but not letting the defeated conversation with family come in between her and her dream, she moved on. She marched towards her dreams like a soldier and marched without stopping and crossing all the hurdles. 

She shifted to the city and rented a small apartment where she provided private tuition to pay her bills. In this way, she was able to manage her expenses and pursue her studies as well as secured finance. She then joined an institute as a part time teacher. She just looked ahead and patted her own back (very important :)). Today Sanju Rani Verma from Meerut, India is an officer in the Government Of Uttar Pradesh. Not settling down when it is about your visions and dreams is the message this story gives us.

Commercial tax Officer, Sanju Rani Verma says “They [family] were upset with me, because I started living by myself. But I know they will be happy to see me getting respect as an officer. I am aware of my responsibilities and want to support my family in every way possible.”

To this Ritika Kunal commented:” It’s the 21st century, women have reached the moon and beyond, but some families still make women feel like they have to choose between having a family life and their dreams. Kudos to those women who refuse to allow others to chart their path.”

Aradhya Mann also wrote:  “Stop deciding for others, their time to ‘settle down’. It’s a myth and some people don’t want to do that.”

Sanju Rani Verma wants to write exam for Indian Civil Services (ICS) and live her dream of becoming a Divisional Magistrate.

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