A Homeowner has been forced to sell her dream house as she can see into her neighbour’s SHOWER while eating her dinner.

Pauline Boyd snapped up her peaceful Scottish home three and a half years ago.but when another house was built right beside her things took a turn for the worse.

Ms Boyd told the Observer: “When we first got here, it was quite rural and while we had neighbours, they weren’t really in your face.

“We had moved up to Turriff in Aberdeenshire but I was missing family so much that I was down every six weeks so we decided to get a base down here and I had always wanted to stay near Stirling Castle so it seemed like the perfect spot

In January 2019, the owner decided to sell a bit of his land near us and the property that is there now has a garage that looks right into where we eat.

“There is also a shower room in the property and so we can see people through there while we’re eating our dinner, even though the windows are frosted.

“It’s got to the stage that our stress levels are really bad and really impacted our lives – we’re having to keep our shutters closed but we don’t want to be doing that.”

She finally complained to the council. A council probe launched into the circumstances of the mix-up.

In a letter sent to Ms Boyd in January this year, Stirling Council’s planning and building standards manager, Christina Cox, writes: “I have looked into how this error arose and hope that the following provides some explanation.

“The Gateway team within the planning service undertake neighbourhood notification of all planning applications.

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