It is not so surprising today to receive everything sitting at home. The online transactions and increase in home delivery services has made our lives easier. 

However, in a bizarre incident in Chennai, the police patrol team unraveled a very well planned, digital nexus of buying, selling and procurement of Ganja or Marijuana.

It was a very easy catch. Almost like it fell down in the lap of police. Police have been very active in cracking down the ganja network these days. The patrol team noticed something unusual with the food delivery boy. The food delivery guy was taking a parcel instead of vice versa. On stopping and asking, the police found very different reasons and reactions.

There were a total three of them who got caught red handed. Two techies and one delivery guy. These people take the benefit of the fact that police don’t stop a food delivery/delivery guy in general. 

The police then searched the house of the two techies and confiscated 10.5 kg of Ganja.

Both the techies are team managers in reputed IT firms in Rajiv Gandhi Salai.

The nexus is a referral only one WhatsApp membership. So digital! Any comments?

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