GettMega is an online gaming platform that has both national and international certifications backing its legitimacy and safety. It has a variety of games available to play and offers players a chance to win real money rewards and bonuses through gaming. 

There are quite a few options available when it comes to exciting card games. However, Casumo and GetMega are best gaming platforms and also well rated and authentic when it comes to real cash rewards benefits and gaming experience.

Casumo And GetMega: A Closer Look

Given below is a closer look into the various aspects of the overall gaming experience that is offered in Casumo And GetMega.

Variety of Games

There are over 1600 casino gaming options available on the Casumo gaming platform. There are specific tabs available on the game browser for different types of new and popular casino games. The live casino and jackpots are amazing and keep the players wishing for more. 

GetMega offers real money games to players in three different categories. Namely, Cards, Casual, and Trivia. Carrom, GoPool, Dots and Dash, Math Trivia named 123, and GK are certain examples of casual and trivia games. Hold’em Poker and Rummy are two card games available to play on GetMega. 

User Interface

Casumo offers its players a very clear and clean User Interface experience. Both the Caumo Mobile and website versions are built and designed in a way to make everything easier for the players. The players can easily follow through and get any and every information they wish to acquire. 

GetMega’s User interface is very intuitive and is very easy and simple. Players can easily interact and access games to play and win. It offers both horizontal and vertical gameplay experiences based on the type of game that is chosen to be played. For instance, the card game, Hold’em Poker has vertical gameplay whereas the casual game, GoPool has a horizontal gameplay experience. Both gameplay layouts are designed to enhance the gaming experience on the GetMega gaming platform.

Sign-up Reward and Bonus

Every new player wishing to participate and signing up in Casumo is given a token as a welcome gift. With the help of which, the user can avail a chance to try the very exciting and award-winning casino. Players can also get a complete 100% Bonus on their first deposit. 

GetMega offers a bonus of rupees 5 to newly signed up players as a welcome. This money they can later on use to play the games available on the app.

Authentic Players

Casumo allows players from several countries to participate and win real money through their games. Only real and verified profiles are accepted. Real-time players can participate in live-casino games and they are required to input valid information and needed credentials before proceeding.  

GetMega only accepts and allows people of legal age who are verified with methods using mobile phone numbers and Facebook profiles and input. It features only skill-based games that are in no way connected to any sort of gambling, luck, or guesses. No bots are accepted in the GetMega App. 

GetMega features purely skill-based games and has no gambling or luck involved.

Referral Benefit and Rewards

Casumo does not have any sort of referral bonus and reward system. However, it’s able to retain their valuable users with the help of their loyalty program. 

GetMega has a very interesting referral program. This comes into play when one player refers to another prospective player and plays a game with them. An exciting bonus of Rupees 10 is given to the referee on every successful referral. GetMega also has certain criteria in order to ensure that only authentic players are playing. Such as the referral should be a part of the referee’s contact list. Both of them are required to play a game using the video-chat mode. This heightens the gaming experience between family and friends. 

Availability of Audio-Video Feature  

Vibrant colors and visual experience are a delight in Casumo. However, it does not have any such audio-video feature on its platform at the moment. 

Right now, GetMega is the only gaming platform in India that offers a new and thrilling video-chat feature on its app. Players can play over 8 games using the new video-chat mode. Users can experience high-resolution video and sound and enjoy the whole gaming process with their family and friends.

Security and Authenticity

Developed and designed to keep the players’ safety and security as a priority, Casumo is safe and a certified casino gaming platform. It makes good use of its SSL encryption certificate which ensures the privacy of the user’s data and details. It also has the RNG certificate that further ensures that there is absolutely no foul play and complete fairness. 

A member of the All India Gaming Federation and certified by a leading testing laboratory,  iTech Labs Australia, GetMega is completely safe and legal. It has Poker Game Fairness Certificate which ensures a level field for all players and fair play. Its RNG certificate, also from iTech Labs Australia, and shuffle mechanics ascertain safe gameplay and games of high standards. 
Both Casumo And GetMega offer a variety of different games to the players. And offer a wholesome gaming experience to its players. GetMega is well-rated and continues to win the hearts of new users every day.

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