From house doors to gadgets and clothes, everything is red and white in this Bengaluru real estate agent’s house. Sevenraj’s bizarre obsessions with the colours red and white and the number seven have turned him into a local celebrity.Youtuber Nas daily has also covered this Bengaluru’s man.

Everything in Sevenraj’s life is red and white, from his office to his household furniture and décor.He was the seventh born in his family, and considers seven to be his lucky number.

Sevenraj’s family is totally fine with his freakish obsession.In fact, the family of Sevenraj is named as the “Red and White Family” here in Bangalore.His car and scooter may remind you of public service vehicles like ambulances, fire departments or police vehicles, and they’re pretty pimped up.

Everything they own, right from their clothes to their gadgets, cars, and their house, is all in the colours red and white. Because he is so strongly tied to the number seven, his red and white suit has not one or two, but seven buttons on it. The license plate of his car also has the number 7777. His family is onboard with this obsession, and supports him by following the same practice

It all started when his real estate firm first adopted the two colours for one of their marketing campaigns. The campaign might be over, but Sevenraj’s obsession isn’t.

Sevenraj’s red and white family also contested election from Bangalore’s Shanthinagar constituency in 2018.

Because of his liking of the number seven, he has also learnt seven languages. The family is fondly known as the “Red and White Family” in the area.

Not only business, but Sevenraj has also forayed into film production with his banner Seven Raj, and is coming up with his first venture, Chaddi Dost Kaddi Alladusbutta.

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