Can a Traditional Indian Game Challenge Poker to be the Biggest?

When anyone thinks about the best card game in the world, the most popular answer at the moment would be poker. This game has developed, moving out of casino halls and into the big time, with televised tournaments and huge online games taking place on a regular basis.

But will poker always rule or can something else challenge this game to top spot?

Is Teen Patti Capable of Challenging Poker?

Teen Patti is a game that many Indian people will know about, and for some of them, this is a game they love and play on a regular basis. Taking Teen Patti from being a traditional Indian game to being the biggest card game in the world seems very far fetched, though the biggest step needed has already been taken.

Teen Patti is available to play online, it is no longer the local traditional game that it once was. Sites such as show players where they can play Teen Patti for real cash, which means you can play any time you like, without needing family and friends to get together.

Those who never had anyone to play with, or those who want to practice their skills further can now do so thanks to online play.

The reason we have seen the move online is because casinos have started to really target the Indian market. The competition online is strong, and to attract new Indian players, these sites know they have to offer what people from India love. In terms of games, this is Teen Patti and others, so they are now part of the service.

If you take a look at any Indian gaming news, Teen Patti will appear from time to time. Now we have online versions of the game to enjoy, and more people getting involved because of that, expect to hear a lot more about the game.

What Does the Future Need to Look Like?

Obviously, looking at where Teen Patti is now, there are big steps needed to be taken for the game to ever grow into something like poker. However, now that the game is online, eventually people from outside India will begin to play.

The key advantage this game has is that it is far easier to play and a simplified version of poker, which will help convert new players, or those who find poker too complicated. New dates for the World Series of Poker online tour have been announced recently, that may be a few decades away for Teen Patti, but it is certainly what casino operators will be hoping to eventually reach in the future.

There is a huge online market out there and getting onto that market is the biggest step. Teen Patti has taken that step, the next is to grow outside of India, which given how simple the game is, could certainly happen.

When that does, competitive play is likely to really take off, and that could open the door for Teen Patti challenging poker in the future. 

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