How to Make School Less Stressful for Your Child?

From schoolwork to standardized tests, to bullying to homework and after tests anxiety, children are tended to be super stressed. In fact, a research study states that about a third of the parents confirmed that their little kids were stressed out because of school, and ‘can you do my homework’? was one of the most common questions kids were raising these days. Here are some different signs that one can tell whether his or her kid is stressed out because of school and how to go about it.


A lot of kids who get caught up in school, stress tend to change either their moods or their normal behaviour. A research done by Dr Adelle Cadieux states that kids who are stressed out with school tend to cry more often, don’t participate in a lot of activities, get irritated by anything and expresses uncertainty. Furthermore, the kid would complain about stomach aches, loss of appetite and headaches. Such kids also tend to have a lot of problems when it comes to going to school. Below are some of the ways in which you can help your kid cope up with stress.



1) Identify the Cause of Stress


If you notice that your kid is stressed and thwarted, make sure to sit your kid down and ascertain on what is stressing him or her. For example; Is it a certain assignment? A particular subject? Or is it your kids’ performance? Once you are certain on what is stressing your kid, you can go ahead and start sorting out the issue.


2) Don’t Overschedule


Having a well-organized schedule for your kid can help him or her get always on track and focused. If your kid is involved too much in a variety of activities, then he or she will be stressed out. Psychologists say that kids need a lot of time to both de-stress and develop naturally without involving themselves in non-goal activities.


3) Prioritize Tasks


If your kid gets tied up in between a variety of activities, responsibilities and school activities, it is your duty as a parent to sit down and schedule them. For example, have your kid tackle the most important activities first heading down to the least of all of them. In case it happens on a regular basis, prioritize first on whether extracurricular activities are consuming much time to school work. This will enable you to avoid a tied-up schedule for your kid releasing him or her of stress.


4) Involve Your Kid in Extracurricular Activities


According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, they encourage children to exercise or rather get involved in extracurricular activities for a conservative estimate of about an hour. This will nourish their cardio fitness and spare them from depression. Parents should take the initiative to encourage their kids to participate in extracurricular activities.


5) Model Self -Reliance


Ensure that your kid is getting adequate sleep. It is very important most especially if he or she is stressed out. Following up on bedtime routine might help cope up with stress by creating a halt between school work. This provides the kid with extra time to relax and unwind.

When kids are subjected to stress, it devastates the whole family. A great number of parents are very much familiar with solving problems. The problem comes in on how to intervene. It is always a little bit frustrating, most especially when kids are subjected to a lot of homework. However, today you can release off their stress as a parent by getting them assignment help from internet along with giving a though on the above shared tips and make the school life free from stress.



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