Make Math a Joyful Adventure with Kids Math Videos

Make Math a Joyful Adventure with Kids Math Videos - Desinema

Mathematics is not just another subject in school, it’s a fundamental tool that shapes a child’s world in more ways than one might think. It’s not simply about remembering equations or mastering multiplication tables. Math helps children develop skills in logical thinking and problem-solving. It also encourages creativity by challenging them to visualize abstract concepts and find unique solutions. Learning math can foster self-confidence and resilience in children, not to mention the fact that solid math knowledge opens doors to a wide range of academic and career opportunities. 

How about making math learning fun and engaging? Kids Academy, a leading e-learning platform for children, offers interactive math videos that inspire and encourage kids to grasp mathematical concepts with ease. The animated content simplifies intricate ideas, enhancing comprehension and memory. In essence, these videos transform learning math into a less intimidating and more delightful experience. Discover more videos, along with other stimulating activities, on the Kids Academy website. Visit to explore further.

Video 1

Our collection kicks off with an interactive tutorial on the number 10. Using visual aids like blocks and zoo animals, the charismatic animated teacher and his monkey fellow encourage children to spot patterns and shapes associated with groups of 10. The teacher demonstrates the process by counting out 10 red and orange blocks, each arranged differently, and shows a group of 10 green blocks in a pyramid form. The children are then challenged to count and identify groups of 10 monkeys and penguins at the zoo. These engaging exercises reinforce counting skills and the understanding of the concept of ten which will be key to grasping place value later.

Video 2

The next music video is an entertaining and enlightening dive into counting past one hundred up to a thousand. The video features numbers that come alive in fun scenarios such as dancing, having a picnic, lounging by the pool or singing on stage. Kids are sure to love the accompanying song in the country style to which they may sing along thus memorizing the counting order better. The video shows little students how to count from 100 to 120 which will allow them to count on by themselves up to 1000 and beyond!

Video 3

This educational video takes kids on a fun-filled and informative adventure at a racetrack, where numbers are compared based on their place value with the help of the visual representation of numbers on racing cars. The video explains the concepts of ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ in a simple and fun way showing in which order students have to compare places in two-digit numbers – first the tens, and then the ones. Little viewers will be given a variety of examples of different two-digit number sentences. The video will also help kids grasp the meaning of the symbols used for ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’. 

Video 4

Fact families are sets of related addition and subtraction facts that use the same numbers. This educational video uses the exciting backdrop of a dog sled race to introduce kids to the concept. Through the practical example of ropes needed for a race, the video demonstrates that two plus one equals three and one plus two also equals three, forming a fact family when subtracting one or two from three. Then the video brings in sled dogs, charming birds and baby seals to illustrate some other fact families and to make the learning process even more engaging.

Video 5

This educational video hosted by the charismatic animated teacher Michael and his little monkey friend takes us into a technology lab where cute robots teach kids the concept of “What’s the Rule” problems. The video showcases two robots: one with a “plus two” rule and another with a “minus four” rule. By analyzing the input and output in a function machine, viewers learn to identify the applicable mathematical rule, highlighting the importance of testing various inputs for rule verification. Kids are then given a task with a different rule to allow them practice more and solidify their knowledge.

The interactive math videos provided by Kids Academy are more than just educational tools; they are a delightful adventure that stirs children’s curiosity and encourages them to explore mathematical concepts in a fun and engaging way. These videos simplify complex ideas, making math less intimidating and more pleasant for children. With their unique blend of enjoyable and enlightening content, these videos are an excellent resource for fostering self-confidence, resilience, and a love for learning in children. Visit Kids Academy today and give your child’s mathematical skills an impressive boost.

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