Know about these 5 oldest casinos of the world

Casinos have attracted people from all around the globe since ages irrespective of addiction to gambling or just out of plain curiosity. During those days, there were not much of casino promotions and there were very few casinos and people used to know them by name. The aristocracy loves to gamble and have thus built gorgeous casinos. In medieval Europe many such casinos were built so that large traders and persons of high status could enjoy the hospitality of the casinos and get the thrill of gambling.

In modern times a number of features have been added to the casinos. As such, from just being a gambling den, casinos have been transformed as places of entertainment. The well designed lighting system, music to suit the mood and get the player distracted have been added so that the player cannot resist the charm of being there and care little about the gain or the loss. 

However, the pandemic has changed the scenario drastically, as many of the avid casino-goers had to remain content with just sitting indoors and playing online. However, hopefully the situation will soon change and the world will get rid of this scare, when the gamers will be again out of their homes hunting for the right place casinos to play their favorite games and at the same time seep in the grandeur of the magnificent casinos.

Looking at not so distant future, when the world will be back to normal, five oldest casinos have been listed below that offer to satisfy the needs of the casino-lover.

  1. The Golden Gate Casino, Las Vegas

The gambling destination of U.S is Nevada and the oldest casino that opened its gates in 1906 was initially called the Hotel Nevada. However, it could not operate as a full gambling destination till 1931 as gambling was banned in the state of Nevada in 1909. Hotel Casino had little option but to cater to its customers with toothless games like non-stake tournaments in order to keep within the law.

When gambling became legal in Nevada the hotel changed its name to Sal Sagev Casino but later in 1955 the name changed to The Golden Gate Casino.

The location of the casino on Fremont Street is an added attraction for those who love fun frolic and live music.  One cannot experience this on the Strip.

2. Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco

When the House of Girmaldi was facing a financial crisis after two breakaway towns declared independence in 1848, Princess Carolina came up with the idea of setting up a casino to save the Girmaldis from impending bankruptcy. 

Hence, the first casino opened in a modest way in La Condamine. Later in 1863 under the stewardship of Francois Blanc the casino was redesigned and opened with a new management – the Societe des Bains de Mer et du Cercie des Etrangers which comprised prominent investors. The casino was named Monte Carlo in Prince Charles’ Honor. 

The famous architect, Juies Dutrou transformed the entire casino and made it a historic edifice facing the sea. 

The casino has been the location of many famous films like the Casino Royale, Never Say Never Again, and Golden Eye of the James Bond series. It was also the location for Ocean Twelve and many others.

A historic incident had occurred here in 1913, when in roulette table the black ball fell 26 times in a row causing many gamblers who had bet against the black lose their money. This is a classic example of gambler’s fallacy.

3. Kurhaus Casino of Baden Baden, Germany

Kurhaus casino located on the outskirts of the Black forest, which is near the French border is an architectural masterpiece, and was designed by Friedrich Weinbrenner in 1824. The Corinthian pillars at the entrance are simply awe-inspiring. From the middle of 1830s the casino achieved international fame mostly due to the French ban on gambling. Those who became rich as a result of First World War gradually replaced the aristocracies of Europe who frequented the place in the beginning.

It will be interesting to note that Kurhaus was the source of inspiration of Gambler written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky after his visit to the casino.

4. Casino de Spa, Belgium

Casino de Spa is a resort situated in Spa Belgium. It was originally built in 1763. However it bore the impact of the First World War when the casino was almost razed to the ground. Its walls crumbled due to a devastating fire and had to be rebuilt. The place was again put back into shape in 1918, but in 1980 it was thoroughly renovated with modern amenities in place.

Nowadays the gaming houses are not merely places of gamble but has many other facilities so that the gamers feel at home and entertain during the breaks. Casino de Spa has all of them and the added attractions are outdoor events.

It is also close to the famous Circuits de Spa – Francorchamps. This venue is the place for the Formula One Race.

5. Casino di Venezia, Italy

Casino di Venezia or the first venetian gambling is said to have opened its doors to gamblers in 1638. It is also the oldest casino in the world. Sometime in the late 1930s the casino was inaugurated on the Lido.  In 1946 the land was purchased by the City of Venice and in 1950 opened in Ca Vendramin Calergi overlooking the Grand Canal. The approach to the casino is by water taxi or by gondolas. It is a palatial building of Renaissance style architecture. 

However, there is another venue of the Venice Casino, Ca ‘Noghera which is close to the Marco Polo airport. It has a modern architecture and has over 5000 square meters of area. 

Ca Vendramin Calergi has traditional French gaming like the Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco, French Roulette etc., the American ones and also slot machines.

In Italy gambling is strictly regulated and is managed by public bodies including the Municipality of Venice. The Casino de Venezia has the unique history of being the only one among the world casinos to be in loss for years. It had been supported by Municipal subsidies.

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