Karnataka IPS officer D Roopa Moudgil was trolled by the twitteraties because her statement of burning fire crackers is not a part of Indian tradition and was not accepted well by most of the people. People on the internet took it as an offence and started trolling the Central Service Personnel. Before Diwali, the internet was loaded with arguments and debates on the ban of firecrackers. The National Green Tribunal (NGT) had put a ban on use of crackers in some of the states and advised the other states to use it to the minimum and have strict laws in place. The firecrackers were banned specially in the National Capital Region (NCR) and some other states.

This trolling took a different turn when actress Kangana Ranaut came to the scene and started bombarding the IPS Officer with culture, tradition and that the twitter banned the @TIinExile which the actress blamed the Officer for.

IPS D Roopa Moudgil supported the ban on firecrackers and had put out a post on Facebook where she mentioned that there is no evidence in the epics and puranas or any pious scriptures about firecrackers being a part of Hindu tradition.

In the post she wrote “For those who cry victim that this is done to Hindus, well, crackers were not there during early and later Vedic age; there is no mention of crackers in our epics and Puranas. Crackers came into this country with Europeans. It is no core tradition or custom related to Hinduism.”

After this, Bollywood Actress Ranaut came out in support of True Indology page with the hashtag BringBackTrueIndology and slammed the IPS Officer saying

“Government appoints people like @D_Roopa_IPS to protect fundamental rights of commoners, but look at her obnoxious ignorance like a sore looser she became so vengeful that if she couldn’t win the arguments with facts she simply got @TIinExile eliminated.Shame on you @D_Roopa_IPS,” the Bollywood actor tweeted.

There were a series of tweets by Kangana Ranaut on Twitter:

Sick n tired of being treated like a slave in my own country, we can’t celebrate our festivals, can’t speak truth and defend our ancestors, we can’t condemn terrorism, what is the point of such a shameful enslaved life controlled by the keepers of darkness #BringBackTrueIndology

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