Indore’s Choithram hospital becomes the world’s 6th center to conduct a rare liver transplant

A 26-year-old IT professional whose liver and heart were on the wrong side, a condition called ‘situs invertus totalis’, was operated in Choithram hospital, Indore in Madhya Pradesh so that he could donate an organ to his father.

Doctors at Choithram Hospital said the surgery conducted on Prakhar Kaushal on August 28 was rare as this condition is found in one out of 10,000 people.

I had a conversation with Prakhar, He said , I’m fine now. “I am a ‘Sites Inversor’, my heart is on the opposite side of my body, I knew in childhood, however, all the organs are in the opposite direction, I got to know now only. So before giving liver to father, we waited to get a donor from outside but because it was not possible, I donated mine.I feel so lucky to be born different & I’m so fortunate that I can help my father with that. I was quite worried before the surgery but thanks to the professional doctors and their team of Choithram Hospitals, everything went well. Now I will soon join my work, after getting discharged.

The operation went on for 11 to 12 hours, I was in ICU for five days, I was discharged, the father will be discharged on Monday, he is fine now.”

About Hospital – Choithram hospital is the one of the biggest and oldest NABH accredited Hospital situated in Indore.There are so many surgeries being carried out on regular basis.

While having conversation with Dr Shrada ,the head of the Operation.She said,“The biggest problem comes when there is an abnormality in the donor and the recipient, but we were successful in this. The donor does not have a type of disease but has a condition called ‘Situs Inversus’, in which the heart is on the right, instead of left, the liver is left instead of right, that is, like a complete mirror image,”.

“It took us a long time in this case. Whereas all the organs of the donor’s father were like normal people. That’s why we have transplanted the right part of the donor’s liver,” Dr Sharda further said.

Diagnosis of situs inversus is done through a thorough physical examination, followed by radiographic imaging of the chest and abdomen and electrocardiography. “The Genetic Testing Registry (GTR) provides information about the genetic tests for this condition,” GARD says.

While having conversations with Prakhar’s mother she said to me,“My husband Pradeep is in civil defence, he had a liver problem for four to five years, after being shown to the doctor he has advised a transplant. For this, the doctors did counselling and we were ready, but applied for a donor i.e. but did not get it,”.“When the disease started increasing, we decided to donate my son’s liver to his father. Prakhar is currently doing work from home so we thought we could. He was also ready, and finally, it was transplanted,”. 

Previously, India has recorded three such complex operations before this one. Two of these rare surgeries have also been conducted in Japan earlier.

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